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Job Title: Keeper
Uniform: Required
Department/ Group: Life Sciences Primary Location: Adelaide/ Monarto/ Warrawong/ In situ

Remuneration: Band A Level 1 to Band B Level 4, dependent upon skills and qualifications. Some Levels require application and/or assessment.
Special Conditions: As per RZSSA Collective Agreement, plus;
May be required to work at any Zoos SA location
Required to work a 7 day roster (as per contract)
Required to obtain and provide a National Police Certificate
Requested to obtain and maintain recommended Immunizations
Required to hold and maintain a valid Driver’s Licence
Required to retain relevant licences, qualifications and/or accreditations
A 6 Month Probationary Period applies to all roles
Duties are performed under general supervision and primarily outdoors.






Summary of Role Trainee: Under direct supervision and as part of a team, learn and understand the principles of animal husbandry, exhibit presentation, maintenance and horticulture. Perform core duties to the required standard.

Keeper/ Certified and Experienced Keeper: Under general supervision and within specified guidelines, safely, efficiently and effectively undertake a wide range of tasks which may require the application of relevant experience and training. Develop a broad range of Zoo Keeper skills by working for extended periods in most areas of the animal collection.

Career Progression (dependant upon experience, qualification and performance) Trainee Band A Level 1 to Band A Level 5*
Keeper Band A Level 6 to Band A Level 12*
Certified & Experienced Band B Level 1 to Band B Level 4*
* Some Levels require application and/or assessment.


Undertake routine administrative tasks and maintain all required records to an acceptable standard.
Ensure you are aware of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Policy and Procedure and the Collective Agreement.
Conduct literature searches on species and habitats under care

Records assessed by Supervisor for accuracy and content.
Knowledge of SOPs and working in line with these. Feedback on these and proactive suggestions for change as required.
Detailed knowledge and awareness of animal requirements and standards.

Education, Media & Public Relations
Interact informally with the public on an ad hoc basis providing directions and information on Zoo activities, exhibits, facilities and animals.
Undertake informal presentations and ‘Keeper Talks', which may involve animal handling, presenting to public groups and responding to questions.
Assist with public relations activities.
Maintain exhibit graphics to required standards.
Undertake media interviews and presentations as required.

Public feedback from interactions, questionnaires, letters submitted, assessment by Supervisors /specialists and ‘mystery shopper’ feedback.
Review content and style of presentation.
Highlights any potential media stories to Supervisors.
Standard and accuracy of interpretive materials within the exhibit locality

Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare

Work consistently in accordance with established safety procedures to ensure animal security, personal safety, protection of co workers and the public.
Identify and report issues of safety to the supervisor and complete appropriate reports.
Show care and consideration for co workers.
Has an understanding of relevant Policy and Procedures to their role and is working in line with these. Provides feedback and proactive suggestions for change as required.
Understands the needs to report risks and incidents and does so promptly, following the required process
Undertakes corrective action where this is appropriate
Completion of regular, detailed workplace assessments.
Awareness of others and their feelings

People Management

Assist with providing guidance to Keepers-in-Training, other Zoo staff, volunteers and work experience students.

Assist and advise co-workers in a constructive and positive manner.

Animal Health
Inform the supervisor of animal health problems and ensure it is noted in records
Under veterinary supervision or instruction, treat animals and administer medication to required standard.
Provide biological samples for testing and analysis.
Participate in the implementation and monitoring of behavioural enrichment and training programmes to affect animal behaviour and allow routine examinations and procedures without distress.

Records of behaviors and changes or symptoms recorded accurately, legibly and completed daily
Updates on any changes or concerns raised through Senior Keeper (or others as may be directed, e.g. Animal Health Team)
Ability to take required samples and undertake conditioning where possible to facilitate health checking. Feedback from supervisors and Animal Health Team

Maintain exhibit presentation to required standards including pruning of plants, weeding, irrigation and rodent control.
Make minor repairs to exhibit, document and inform supervisor of exhibit maintenance requirements.
Check exhibits daily for faults and perform minor preventative maintenance tasks as required.

Exhibit and associated area maintained to the required standard
Defects recorded and reported through the supervisor
Suggested improvement or amendments reported through the supervisor
Reduced issues and incidents due to proactive maintenance.

Obtain, prepare and provide food to animals in accordance with established diets, feeding schedules and procedures.
Clean food and water vessels, holding areas, exhibits and food preparation and storage areas to required standards, ensure animal areas are maintained free of debris and hazardous materials.
Provide animals with nesting and bedding materials and other items required to meet their behavioural requirements, particularly in relation to breeding or raising offspring.
Observe and report on animal behaviour and changes to the condition of animals.
Maintain diaries and animal records and report matters of interest to the supervisor.
Capture, restrain and handle animals as required.
Maintain and care for live food colonies as required.
Assist in the preparation of animals for transfer.

Maintain high standards of animal health and wellbeing
Duties undertaken to the required standards
Enclosures and surrounding Area maintained to the required standard
Records accurate, legible and completed daily as required
Sharing of relevant information within the team
Updates on any changes or concerns raised through Senior Keeper (or others as may be directed)
Maintenance and recording of established training routines
Provision of approved Behavioral Enrichment

Assist with providing guidance to Keepers-in-Training, other Zoo staff, volunteers and work experience students as required
Participate in training and development programmes identified
Other duties as required.
Feedback from those trained and standard of training against requirements as established within the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ and/or ‘Round Manuals’
Continuous Professional Development
Depth of knowledge and experience

Good numeracy and written skillsand able to keep accurate and detailed records
Good verbal communication skills, prepares and delivers accurate and informative presentations as required
Well developed observational skills and attention to detail
Ability to arrange personal work routines and practices to make optimum use of time and resources.
Basic horticulture and maintenance skills
Commitment to the Aim and Objectives of the Society
Awareness of the team goals and objectives and actively contributes to the achievement of these
Demonstrate a caring attitude towards animals
Ability to work consistently to established standards.
Self motivated and shows initiative.

Review of records maintained
Review of presentations and/ or feedback from customers
Ability to undertake duties within the required timeframes and standards
Team feedback
Supervisor feedback and Appraisal Process.

Essential Desirable
Nil at entry level
Certificate III in a recognised and relevant qualification and management recommendation required for progression to Band B level 1 and beyond.

Successful completion of Year 12, or equivalent
Any qualification in an animal related discipline

Essential Desirable
Excellent verbal communications in a one to one or group situation
Presents clearly and confidently to a group in a formal or informal setting
Able to manage customer expectations
Proven ability to proactively contribute to team goals and objectives

First Aid Skills and willingness to maintain a qualification
Firearms Skills and willingness to maintain a licence

Experience / Knowledge:
Essential Desirable
Nil at entry level
Previous proven experience in a practical, animal related role
Previous proven experience in a customer service environment

Conservation, science or research background

I have noted the statement of duties, responsibilities and expectations as detailed in this document and I agree to undertake these duties to the standards expected and uphold the vision, mission, values and strategic objectives of Zoos SA.

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Approved By: Date:
Last Updated By: Date/Time:

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