Monday, April 30, 2018

Mammal Keeper

Mammal Keeper

Closing date 25th May 2018

1.        Job Purpose
To promote the Trust's work in the captive breeding of endangered species by working on the daily management of the animal collection under the direction of the Department Head or the Deputy Head and by teaching visiting students practical aspects of animal management, carrying out research and supporting others conducting research. To develop the Trust's work overseas by contributing to species recovery programmes. 

2.                Principal Accountabilities
§        To maintain high standards of cleanliness in all animal enclosures, public viewing areas and “off view” facilities;
§        To prepare and distribute food to the animals, following the prescribed diets;
§        To ensure the accommodation for animals is maintained to a high standard for the safety, health and well-being of the animals and for attractive exhibition to the public;
§        To monitor the animals carefully for behavioural, reproductive and medical problems and ensure prompt action is taken to alleviate them;
§        To encourage, or discourage, the reproduction of the animals according to the species management plan by identifying and developing reproduction or contraception techniques;
§        To assist with the capture and restraint of animals, for enclosure movement, veterinary examination or export from the collection, while minimising stress and ensuring the maximum amount of information is collected during each event;
§        To be responsible for correct techniques, such as ringing and id chip implants, used to identify animals within the department;
§        To provide accurate daily records to the Animal Registrar of animal movements, births, deaths, transactions, reproduction and behaviour to ensure a full set of data is available for each animal to facilitate future management and research;
§        To be up to date on and able to cover for different animal routines to prevent any breakdown in procedures due to days off, illness, or holiday leave of other staff members in the department;
§        To provide assistance, information, training and supervision to visiting students, ITC trainees and conservation education staff to support DWCT’s training and education programmes;
§        To deliver regular public engagement activities, including keeper talks as required, about the animals on site, providing accurate, current and in-depth information relating to the breadth of conservation work of the Trust;
§        To answer queries from volunteers and the visiting public to promote the work of DWCT;
§        To adhere to prescribed safety and emergency procedures to ensure the safety of animals, fellow staff and the visiting public;
§        To contribute to the development of management strategies for species maintained at the Trust, including design and modification of accommodation, dietary modifications, reproduction techniques and research projects to improve the success of captive breeding programmes;
§        To propose and carry out original research to further knowledge of species maintained at the Trust and to provide practical support and specialist advice to students, researchers or ITC trainees conducting research in the animal collection;
§        To propose and, if requested, carry out original field research overseas to further knowledge of species for which the Trust has developed a species recovery programme;
§        To contribute to proposals for initiating recovery programmes in Jersey and overseas for new species to further the Trust strategy;
§        To assist senior keepers and department heads in dealing with correspondence from the public, fellow scientists and other conservation organisations when required;
§        To ensure correct export, import and quarantine procedures are followed at the request of the Animal Registrar and the Zoo Vet and ensure the Zoo Programme Director is kept informed;
§        To train and supervise trainee keepers or volunteers assisting in the animal collection to ensure their safety and that of the animals;
§        To attend national and international scientific meetings and conferences and to make presentations of the Trust’s work if requested.

3.                Knowledge and skill
§        BSc (Hons) Zoology or related subject desirable;
§        Wide knowledge of biology, ecology and captive requirements of animal species for which post is responsible;
§        A high level of health and fitness in order to be able to carry heavy loads and work in extreme outdoor weather conditions;
§        Computer literacy;
§        Good verbal and written communication skills;
§        The ability to work within a department team, both as a team player and using one's own initiative;
§        Good organisational and time management skills.

4.                Verification
Durrell reserves the right, if operational requirements make this necessary, to vary your normal duties on either a short term or an ongoing basis provided that such variations do not result in any increase to your normal number of working hours per week.  Any need to make such a variation will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing by the Human Resources Department prior to implementation.

I confirm that the contents of this job description are a true reflection of the job at today's date.

All applicants to visit for more information and an application form.

If they wish to apply they should email with a completed application form, CV and covering letter.

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Assistant Wildlife Supervisor

Assistant Wildlife Supervisor

Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm
& Eco Centre

Claydon Rd, Hogshaw, Bucks, MK18 3LA                                                                             01296 670444                                                 

Assistant Wildlife Supervisor
Full-time Position – 42.5hr / week
£18500 / annum

This is a full-time position, 5 days out of 7, including weekends, bank holidays and school holidays.

Green Dragon Rare Breeds Farm & Eco Centre is an open farm and visitor attraction. We pride ourselves on sustainability and promoting a Green approach to living. We are self-sustaining and Eco with our energy production, water management, sewerage management, and our ‘farm to folk’ philosophy.

We have only been fully operational for nearly 4 years and we already have a loyal following of supporters and visitors. We are growing fast and are looking for forward thinking, motivated, creative and hardworking individuals to help us achieve our mission.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone to join our team at a time when our Wildlife offering is developing. We have already expanded our pets corner to include exotic pets, we already have our first owls and Reindeer. We have now started the construction of our new Wildlife zone which will house a variety of native and European species focusing on conservation, rescue and education.

This new area of the Park will be 5 acres and house reindeer, fallow deer, Native Raptors and other Bird species, Native mammals including Scottish Wildcat, Red Foxes, Red squirrel just to name a few. We will also be looking at European OR extinct Native species such European Lynx. There will be some invasive species representatives such as Bennetts Wallaby and some smaller deer species too.
All species chosen will tell their own educational story to our visitors and our schools as ambassadors for nature and the natural world.

 These are just the species that we have chosen so far, there is still lots of other habitats and enclosures that have not been allocated to species to provide flexibility for native rescue, rehabilitation or release projects.

Our new facilities are vast in size and designed in a natural way, with the animals needs and natural behaviours at the fore front of all our decision making.

Reporting to the Live-stock supervisor & General Manager.

The successful application will have:

•        Excellent presentation skills are essential;
•        Must be outgoing, charismatic and have a confident enthusiastic personality;
•        Must be organised, self-motivated with good interpersonal skills;
•        Motivated individual who can work alone and as part of a team;
•        Have a proven record with outstanding customer service

The successful applicant will be expected to:

•        Deliver entertaining, exciting and educational public presentations;
•        Assist in the organisation of farm/Wildlife events;
•        Practically work on the livestock department as required;

Necessary skills required:

•        Knowledge of wildlife and conservation;
•        Practical Animal Handling experience with the animals listed above.
•        Proven record with animal training and positive reinforcement training methods.
•        DMZAA or equivalent in a relevant discipline;
•        Minimum 5 years employed practical experience within a Zoological organisation;
•        Experience of running a small animal department and small team;
•        Experience of Microsoft excel, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint;
•        Experience of Zoo licencing standards;
•        Experience of animal recording systems and standards;
•        Flexible approach to work and able to work under pressure;
•        Excellent written English;
•        Excellent creative writing skills;
•        Full driving license;

We ask that the successful candidate has their own transport to and from work, be punctual and flexible with working hours and is willing to relocate.

Please mark any email correspondence FAO:
Jay Wood (General Manager) and include a CV with your covering letter.

Post open until filled.

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

Friday, April 27, 2018

Senior Animal Keeper - Primates

Senior Animal Keeper - Primates

Newquay Zoo Newquay Zoo, a registered scientific and education charity, has an exciting opportunity for an experienced keeper to join our team. You will be responsible for the hands-on day-to-day husbandry of our primates section.

You will have at least 4 years’ experience working with primates as well as having completed the DMZAA course or equivalent qualification.

Previous supervisory experience would be beneficial.  You will be a self-motivated team player with experience of training new keepers.  Good communication and ICT skills would be an advantage.

You will have a broad knowledge of husbandry practices and an understanding of Zoo license regulations and be keen to improve on nutrition, enrichment and animal training techniques within the department.

A full driving licence is essential.

Newquay Zoo offers the following benefits (after probationary period):

  • 28 days paid holiday (inclusive of Bank Holidays) rising to 33 days after 5 years.
  • Defined contribution pension scheme
  • Company sick pay
  • Branded uniform provided (as required)
  • Relevant internal and external training provided
  • Free entry to our 3 zoos for staff and immediate family
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Discounts in our Catering and Retail outlets (as applicable)
  •  Free staff parking
  • Child care vouchers

Closing date for applications is: 18th May 2018

To apply please complete our online application form found on our website

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

Head of Section - Reserves

Head of Section - Reserves

The Reserves area at Woburn Safari Park comprises of the following species: Rothschild Giraffe, Southern White Rhino, Grevy Zebra, Somali Wild Ass, Eastern Mountain Bongo, Brindled Wildebeest, Sable, Addax, Eland, Oryx, Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Przewalski’s Horse, Vietnamese Sika Deer, Ankole, Bactrian Camel, North American Bison & Barbary macaque.

Set in the road safari area of the park this department covers 150 acres and entertains all customers to Woburn via a large drive through area. The Park welcomes in excess of 500,000 visitors per year.

As Head of Section, your role will be to manage and develop a passionate and experienced team of Animal Keepers, ensuring that safe and efficient animal husbandry is practised at all times.

You will be responsible for the welfare of your team; our visitors and the animals within your area, monitoring and reviewing animal behaviour, keeping accurate records and ensuring that internal protocols and industry guidelines, such as UK Zoo Licensing, DEFRA, EAZA, and BIAZA are adhered to. As part of this role you will be key to proposing the collection planning within the section in agreement with all stakeholders.

You will have proven people management experience gained within a Head of Department and will have sound practical animal experience preferably gained within a Zoo/Safari Park environment. Experienced of working with hoofed stock is desirable.

A relevant animal qualification, such as a degree or the animal management diploma, along with a full clean driving licence is essential for this role. In addition, it is desirable that you hold a current firearms certificate.

Woburn Safari Park's animal department is committed to both conservation and welfare and is fortunate to have the space in which these goals can be best met. Potential staff must share this commitment.

This position is permanent, full time, working 42.5 hours per week.

A competitive remuneration package is offered with housed accommodation included.

To learn more and apply please follow this link:

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Marine mammal intern program

Image result for Fjord&Bælt

Marine mammal intern program 

Applicants are invited for a marine mammal internship at Fjord&Bælt in Kerteminde, Funen, Denmark

For details please see here:

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

Primate Care Team Manager

Primate Care Team Manager

Charity Overview: Wild Futures is a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, environmental education and sustainable practice. Our Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall has over 50 years’ experience of caring for primates rescued from the pet trade.

Job Summary
Primate Care Team Manager:
Responsible for: Primate Care Team and for the welfare and care of the primates at the Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary.
Benefits: £20567pa  30 days annual leave

Responsible to: Director

The role requires a team player who understands and works with the Wild Futures objects, aims and ethos.
5 years primate care
Management of staff/team

The Primate Care Team Manager will coordinate the Primate Care Team to include:

Training: Be able to mentor, train and enthuse members of team and enable other team members to do the same. See Carer details below. Much of the Primate Carer job description is applicable to the manager, with time given on the rota to enable the extra responsibilities of the managerial position.

Instruct and oversee best practice. To be able to effectively and respectfully communicate to colleagues of all levels regardless of their position.

Organise and track carers’ progress, ensure that charts are updated, coordinate with trainers.

Coordinate monkey care in consultation with experienced staff, team and veterinary practice as appropriate.

Rotas and recruitment

Meetings: Health Care Team: ensure good communication of all primate care issues between staff and coordinate work. Provide updates at All Staff meetings.

Manager Team: Weekly meetings with the Site Manager and Director to coordinate work and report and discuss welfare, practical, personnel and governance issues.
Trustee Meetings: Attend and report to the statutory Trustee meetings (x4 per year).

Familiarity and compliance with all health and safety protocols and documentation. This includes emergency procedures, risk assessment and safe working practices. Ability to instruct others in the above and monitor compliance.

Manage budget (as agreed by Director and Trustees).

Report to and consult with Director on all of above.

Primate Carer
You should be knowledgeable about and have a commitment to the aims of Wild Futures and The Monkey Sanctuary. You will learn to work with each of the various primate species resident at the Sanctuary. We currently house capuchin monkeys (Cebus and Sapajus sp), Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus), marmosets (Callithrix sp) and woolly monkeys (Lagothrix sp). Due to the intensive and lengthy training process, a commitment of at least two years is required for applicants to be considered for this role.

You will become a functional member of the Primate Care Team. This role includes the following: You will be expected to learn to distinguish individual monkeys, to become knowledgeable about their backgrounds, and to show a sensitivity to their needs which indicates your suitability as a primate carer. Over the course of your training, you will (under the supervision of experienced staff) become one of the monkeys' primary caregivers; managing the monkeys, cleaning, maintaining and enriching enclosures; preparing and distributing food and medication; monitoring the health and well-being of the monkeys in your care. You will be responsible for maintaining daily up-to date information on the status and well-being of each individual through a computer database. You will become knowledgeable about the behaviour and ecology of each species of monkey and apply this knowledge in their daily care.

You will be required to do cover (that is, stay on-site and be the responsible member of staff) one or two overnight shifts per week.

Other responsibilities
The Sanctuary is open to the public for seven months of the year. You will spend a sizeable amount of time speaking to the public, in large and small groups, about our rescued monkeys, monkeys in the wild, the ethos and history of Wild Futures and the Monkey Sanctuary, and more. You should demonstrate confidence and willingness to do this.

You will also:

Be asked to supervise volunteers on monkey cleaning routines, making enrichment and other tasks that are essential to the day to day running of the Sanctuary.

Be asked to assist with other work such as territory maintenance, grounds and gardening work, and general household duties.

Be expected to develop and maintain good communications with all team members and evolve a co-operative living and working relationship with other members of the community. A regular review process will enable you and the team to monitor your progress and mentor you through your training.

Show that you can be flexible in your work, adapting to new situations as they arise and you will be able to prioritise work according to tasks you have been given (with monkey care always being the most important).

Be expected to work five full days a week and to be flexible about your days off.

You will have an allowance of thirty days annual leave per year; to be allocated in collaboration with other members of staff. Bank Holidays are work days. Applicants must be UK or EU residents or have permission to work
in the UK.

Please note that this role is physically demanding; candidates must be fit for the work.
Please send CV and motivational letter to
Thank you!

Wild Futures: Registered Charity no. 1102532

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant