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Chief Warden - Cousin Island Special Reserve

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Chief Warden - Cousin Island Special Reserve

Post Title:    Chief Warden - Cousin Island Special Reserve

Responsible to:        Chief Executive, Nature Seychelles

Immediate supervisor:        Reserve Coordinator

Contract period:         2 years

Salary and perks:          SR.34,000.00/month (USD 2,500.00); Reserve accommodation including furniture, electricity, water and cooking gas , Local insurance; Uniform; 21 days off/yr ; 2 weekends can be taken off island per month.One return ticket from and back to country of origin if expatriate

Job Description:    The Chief Warden is the overall manager of the Reserve. We are looking for an experienced person to work with the young management team on the Reserve, to mentor and supervise staff, maintain all systems ranging from financial to infrastructure and ensure high standards.  The post holder is expected  to implement the Cousin Island Special Reserve Management Plan and put in place annual work programs.

This will include the following:

o    Manage boat operation in a safe and professional reasonable manner keeping high standards in place.
o    Coordinate and provide guiding of visitors in a professional and informed manner.
o    Undertake ticket sales and handling, banking and reporting of cash, strictly following all financial procedures.
o    Ensure that the Special Reserve is protected and take appropriate action against law breakers.
o    Supervise and mentor all Special Reserve staff and ensure good staff relations and community sprit on the island.
o    Assist the Conservation/Science Manager.
o    Assist the CBC/Volunteer Coordinator
o    Conduct maintenance and cleaning of the Reserve.
o    Ensure that all infrastructure and equipment on the island is available and properly maintained.
o    Ensure proper inventory, financial and other
o    administrative tasks.
o    Ensure that staff are properly trained (in service) to conduct their work.
o    Provide all assistance necessary to other Nature Seychelles staff.
o    Assist in ensuring that conservation helpers and CBC participants and volunteers are integrated into the Reserve work and community life.
o    Provide assistance to approved scientists and students.
o    Ensure good networking with tourism operators.
o    Any other relevant work as directed.

Area of work:    The post holder will have to live and work on Cousin Island.

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Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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