Monday, April 23, 2012

Senior Bird Keeper (Native Fauna Team)


FULL-TIME KEEPER: Senior Bird Keeper (Native Fauna Team)

The Native Fauna team comprises of a dedicated bird section, native mammal section and reptile section which highlight the important role that native species play with the organisation. This position is to be based at Adelaide Zoo.

At present the team has a need for a Senior Bird keeper, with extensive bird husbandry skills, people management, and staff development. Experience working within other recognized Zoological institutions is essential, along with involvement with captive breeding programs. The applicant will play a vital role in development of this section, providing training to staff, assisting with collection development, and exhibit design. The incumbent must be motivated, and show a desire to encourage this section to strive for institutional goals and objectives. A major focus will be placed on public free-flight presentation, and current initiatives are focused on a revamp of current presentation. The team supports various conservation programs, in-situ and ex-situ, and there is a potential for all staff to become involved in field work to support these programmes. Experience working in the field will be advantageous, as well as recovery team involvement.

The successful applicant will be responsible for the daily operations, including managing numerous aspects of staffing and animal transactions, as well as the husbandry aspects of the collection within the bird section. At times there is a requirement for the incumbent to supervise in absences of the Team Leader and other Senior keepers within the Native Fauna team. The applicant must also have the ability to work well in a team, have a sound knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, and have excellent communication skills and the ability to deliver public presentations. As the Senior is required to assist and advise their team in the progression of their Certificate III, achievement of certificate III is essential and it will be required for the post holder, as a line manager, to work towards certificate IV.

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