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Animal Manager




Job Title:
Animal Manager
Animal Department
Isle of Wight Zoo, Sandown, Isle of Wight
Reports To:
Head of Zoological Operations
Supervisory Responsibilities:
Line management of animal department staff
Functional Relationship:
  • Deputy Animal Manager
  • Animal Carers
  • Visitors
·       Supporters, volunteers and donors

General Function of the Position
To provide direction and best practices for animal care including responsibilities for managing, implementing and evaluating the administrative, health and safety, operational and planning function of the animal department.
To contribute to the husbandry, welfare and increased knowledge of the animals in our care with maximum efficiency and best practice to ensure they receive excellence in all aspects.
To inspire and empower people, as per the mission of The Wildheart Trust by providing exemplary experiences to our visitors and educational insights.

Organisational Values
The Wildheart Trust has five values that form the core of how employees carry out their work at the Isle of Wight Zoo and across any future organisational developments it may have. The values shape the culture of the organisation and demonstrate what is important within The Wildheart Trust. These values focus on how we do our job and how we conduct ourselves in the workplace, and as a Trust.
We treat every being with respect and compassion and we care about maintaining high standards in all that we do.
We are honest, responsible and accountable so that we can be trusted.
We work hard to honour our mission and are devoted to the people and animals in our care.
We need a special combination of pragmatism, passion and optimism to tackle really tough issues that sometimes seem insurmountable.
We never stop learning and together we share our knowledge to foster love for the natural world and for animals.

Key Tasks
1.     Animal Management

·       Research, formulate and review animal diets
·       Work closely with veterinary surgeon to ensure the ongoing health of the animal collection including coordinating veterinary rounds, planning veterinary procedures, controlling and auditing parasite control, medical treatments, and vaccination regime.
·       Setting and maintaining high standards of animal husbandry and welfare
·       Working to design and develop enclosures, ensuring animal, staff and visitor needs are well catered for.
·       Designing, coordinating and executing enrichment and animal training programmes.
·       Work closely with the Head of Zoological Operations to develop a collection plan that meets the Charity Objectives
·       Create unique animal experiences and oversee the training of staff in conducting these experiences
·       Provide unique animal experiences as per zoo guidelines ensuring the safety of participants.
2.     Conservation
·       Support the Education and Conservation Manager by providing advice and expertise to conservation projects supported by The Wildheart Trust. 
3.     Exhibits
·       Report, prioritise and arrange maintenance of exhibits as necessary
·       Oversee pest control
·       Review, plan and execute enclosure design alterations and assist with new builds
4.     Equipment
·       Animal Department staff are expected to use equipment such as radio, tools, power equipment, scanners, capture and transport equipment.  The equipment must be used and stored with due care and attention and appropriate training records kept.
5.     Planning
·       Organising and planning the work of the section to ensure it is conducted in an efficient and safe manner
·       Prepare for and attend regular Head of Department meetings / undertake agreed actions.
·       Prepare for and hold regular one to one meetings with Head of Zoological Operations
·       Plan and prepare for zoo licence inspections and ensure that the department is following all departmental policies and formulate new ones when the need arises
·       Plan and prepare for BALAI inspections and ensure that the department is following all relevant recommendations and rules
·       Prepare staff rotas and holiday calendars
·       Contribute to systems (such as species planning, ethics)
·       Plan for and prepare regular welfare audits
·       Plan for and perform regular escape procedures
·       Plan for and attend regular firearms training and ensure all firearms team comply with policy and practices
6.     Budget Management
·       Control expenditure and prepare and monitor budgets.
·       Minimise waste
·       Evaluate materials, equipment and suppliers and adjust as necessary
·       Manage staff hours and overtime
7.     Human Resources
·       Attend formal and informal training as required. Identify additional training for professional development
·       Review and manage staff performance and development
·       Instigate and manage disciplinary procedures as required
8.     Health and Safety
·       To continually monitor and evaluate working practices to ensure they are safe for personnel and animals alike
·       To ensure safe working procedures and staff training are correctly documented, audited and updated as necessary
·       To comply with all health and safety requirements as per the Isle of Wight Zoo Health and Safety Manual
·       Maintain firearm records
9.     Communications, education and public awareness
·       Participate in education, media and marketing initiatives as required
·       Engage visitors informally during course of duties
·       Actively contribute towards planning and preparation of visitor/animal experiences and train staff accordingly
10.  Compliance and Best Practice
·       Participate in and prepare for zoo licence inspections and other audits as require
·       Participate in and prepare for BALAI inspections
·       Prepare and maintain departmental policies and learn and maintain other relevant zoo policies

Person Specification Details
Diploma in Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals (Sparsholt College) or equivalent.
Leadership skills and people management
Full UK driving License
10 + Years at a Zoological Collection working with a range of species in a management role
Skills and Abilities
Ability to Learn
Shows a willingness to learn and use new processes.
Animal relations
Ability to show kindness, consideration and empathy for animals always looking for ways to improve on their care and welfare and to ensure that set standards are met
Ability to Organise
Has ability to organise work, monitor and set work by subordinates and to keep excellent records
Commitment / Personal Accountability
Is self-motivating and self-managing. Follows through projects to completion. Has a high standard of personal integrity and professionalism.
Interpersonal Relations
Interacts effectively with superiors, peers and subordinates in order to advance the work of the Zoo. Interactions are based on respect and an appreciation for people with varying backgrounds and viewpoints.
Can effectively prepare and deliver presentations using appropriate technology where required to groups.
Professional / Technical Expertise
Demonstrates a high level of expertise in all phases of the job and forms opinions and conclusions which are technically sound and well founded.

Time Management
Demonstrates personal effectiveness by taking responsibility for getting things done in ways that balance competing needs. Meets deadlines.
Charitable outputs
An understanding of how this role supports the delivery of our charitable outputs.


Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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