Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aquatic Animals Vet


Organization: Ocean Adventures
Location: Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Job: Full Time Job

Ocean Adventures is a privately owned company that operated in Bavaro, Punta
Cana, Dominican republic. The company has a 1.5 acres man made sea pen with
a variety of fish including Nurse sharks and Stingrays. The company also
operate several aquariums with Garra rufa fish and it is in the process of
starting a reproduction project for this specie.

Purpose of position:

Provide and maintain a complete program of veterinary care for the Ocean
Adventures animal collection..

Essential Functions:

1. Perform diagnostic, clinical, and therapeutic veterinary procedures for
the Ocean Adventure animal collection.

2. Provide pre/post-procedural care, nutrition, euthanasia and post mortem
examinations for the Ocean Adventure animal collection as needed.

3. Diagnose, prescribe and administer biological and pharmaceuticals as

4. Provide emergency care for the Ocean Adventure animal collection.

5. Establish and maintain the Aquarium's preventative medicine program for
the animal collection.

6. Participate in public presentations.

List additional responsibilities:

1. Provide medical and surgical care for the Ocean Adventures collection in
accordance with local Dominican Republic regulations (i.e., quarantine
protocols, vaccination schedules, nutrition, necropsy protocols, laboratory
practices, radiology, pharmacy management, zoonoses and medical record

2. Must be comfortable with public speaking and communicating with guests
and the media on topics associated with the Aquarium's program of veterinary

3. Oversee and maintain up-to-date medical records.

4. Review, maintain, and update the Ocean Adventures Program of Veterinary
Care as needed to remain current with State regulations.

5. Develop and conduct annual Staff/Volunteer training program for topics
such as zoonotic diseases, animal nutrition, and pertinent disease issues.

6. Participate in the development of animal safety programs and emergency
procedure reviews and drills as needed.

7. Review, implement and maintain written protocol for pharmaceutical usage
and storage per regulatory agencies.

8. Other projects as assigned

Skills, Abilities and Other Requirements:

1. Must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work
effectively with other departments.

2. Must be fluent in Spanish and English.

3. Will be required to work occasional weekends and holidays and to respond
to emergencies.

Working Conditions:

. Ability to routinely lift 50 pounds.

. Able to climb up and down wet ladders.

. Work with large and dangerous animals.


. DVM or equivalent degree from an-accredited European, central or South
American veterinary college.


. Experience with the reproduction of fish.

Salary and Benefits:

. Salary commensurate with experience.

How to Apply: Email PDF of cover letter/letter of interest and your resume
to: renatolenzi@oceanadventures-puntacana.com and either the contact
information for or recommendation from three references.

Please mention Zoo News Digest should you apply for this vacancy

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