Monday, November 11, 2013

‘Raptor Aviculture’ Internship

‘Raptor Aviculture’ Internship Opportunity at International Wildlife Consultants

Are you interested in falconry or raptors?

Are you thinking of pursuing a career working with animals?

International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd. is one of the oldest established falcon breeding facilities in Europe; having bred falcons since 1975 and exporting to the Middle East since 1987. IWC (UK) was the first falcon facility in the UK to qualify as a CITES registered breeder and every year we breed over 200 falcons at our facility in Wales.

During the breeding season we offer a number of seasonal aviculture internship opportunities from 2-4 months in duration.  These internships at International Wildlife Consultants are available from 1st April – September 31st  every year.

Aviculture interns work with professional aviculturalists at the falcon breeding facility during our busy breeding season.   From April onwards we are hatching and rearing chicks, from mid-June onwards young birds are being placed in hack pens and from mid-July onwards birds are being exported to overseas clients. 

Just to confirm what our expectations are of visiting interns and what you may expect:

A typical day will start at 8AM with the first 1-2 hours feeding young falcon chicks.  After this time there is 2-3 hours of work in the food preparation room preparing quail, rats or chicks for the falcons, followed by cleaning and tidying this room.   After the adult falcons have been fed mid-morning, there are a range of activities including; afternoon and evening chick feeds (this out of hours work is organised on a rota system with the staff); catching and handling birds being moved between pens or young falcons being moved into hack pens; cleaning empty aviaries; making and building equipment such as perches; making up transport boxes; cleaning bathes, equipment and facilities, fitting tail guards and wing guards to falcons being exported; observing/assisting with physical and health examinations; and even some farm maintenance work around the buildings like cutting grass.   There may be some birds that need handling.   We have a small veterinary facility and interns may have to help staff with on-site veterinary work.  We have high expectations of our interns, as this is a hectic time of year for our staff and we expect interns to be good team-workers and to work hard while they are with us.

The intern will be provided with accommodation and a weekly sum of money to cover food costs, toiletries etc.  Travel arrangements and health insurance are the responsibility of the interns.  The requirements for an internship are: 

Good English.
Background knowledge of falconry.
Ability to work hard and to do physically demanding work.
Competence working with and around animals.

Training: Interns spending a minimum of 3 months at our facility will receive a complimentary complete set of the Bird of Prey Management Series DVDs (see:

Applicants should be able to demonstrate a keen interest and commitment to falconry and aviculture. You can find more information by visiting our homepage at:

For further information contact:

Dr Tom Bailey
Aviculture Department
International Wildlife Consultants
PO Box 19
United Kingdom
SA33 5YL

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