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Assistant to the Blue Macaw Coordinator

Assistant to the Blue Macaw Coordinator

Closing Date: 31.10. 2008

Assistant to the Blue Macaw Coordinator

Job Description:

* The Assistant to the Blue Macaw Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Blue Macaw Coordinator in all aspects of management of three species of Blue Macaw (Hyacinth, Lear’s and Spix’s Macaws):
* Aviary maintenance, planting and design.
* Supervision of Blue Macaw Keepers’ daily routine and food preparation.
* Management of reproductive activity, including bird socializations, surveillance camera observations, maintenance of nest structures and monitoring of eggs and chicks.
* Artificial incubation and hand-rearing activities.
* Supervision of the daily distribution of birds’ medications and routine disease monitoring, as well as assistance in veterinary treatments.
* Supervision and assistance in bird transfers.
* Record-keeping, data collection and data encoding.
* Management of equipment, tools and consumption materials within the Blue Macaw Facilities.

Applicants for the position should fulfill the following requirements:

* Must have experience in captive bird husbandry, particularly with psittacines.
* Good understanding of good bird husbandry, nutrition, disease, ecology and behaviour.
* Knowledge of artificial incubation and hand-rearing techniques.
* Experience in resource management and organization.
* Experience with staff management, training and communication.
* Experience with record-keeping and data collection.
* An understanding of the importance of conservation and a scientific work approach.
* Basic computer skills (Word, Excel and internet as a minimum).
* Fluent oral and written English.
* Flexibility in working hours and an ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.

Working conditions:

* Contract is for 2 years; initial probationary period is 6 months.
* Work schedule is based on 6 days per week.
* Flexible working hours depending on the season.
* 28 days paid holiday per year (4 weeks vacation plus 4 holy days).
* One paid return flight-ticket to “home-airport” per year; initial flight-ticket to AWWP is also paid.
* High temperatures during summer, mild winters and a lot of year round sun.
* Salary is negotiable, depending upon level of expertise and experience.
* Basic accommodation is free at AWWP, including electricity and water.

Please note that applicants may subsequently be requested to provide written answers to relevant questions, as part of the recruitment process.

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Please submit a cover letter and CV to:

Ryan Watson
Blue Macaw Coordinator
Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, P.O. Box 44069, Doha, State of Qatar
Fax: +974 471 8707 e-mail:

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Please mention you saw the advertisement in ZooNews Digest should you apply for this post

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