Friday, September 12, 2008

Bird Curator – Africam Safari Park

Bird Curator – Africam Safari Park

Bird Curator – Africam Safari Park, the largest drive through zoological institution in Latin America, located in Puebla, Mexico, currently seeks a qualified individual for the position of Bird Curator. The selected candidate will manage a collection of 1000+ birds of 85 spp, including breeding populations of highly endangered in the wild and very rare in aviculture Mexican species, such as the Horned Guan, the Tuxtla Quail Dove, and the Socorro Parakeet. Africam Safari is a leading zoological institution in Latin America, accredited by the AZA, and member of the AZCARM, ALPZA and WAZA.

Minimum required skills for the position:

· Demonstrated experience in avian husbandry, including artificial incubation and hand-rearing.

· A 4 year college degree in biology, zoology or a related field.

· Leadership in the training and management of staff.

· Experience with responsible record keeping and data collection.

· Must be conservation minded and have a scientific work approach.

· Proactive approach and attention to detail.

· Good computer skills.

· Demonstrated abilities production of reports, articles and presentations.

· High organizational skills and project management.

· Basic Spanish skills if it is not the first language.

Job Description:

Monitor and supervise all aspects of daily work in the Bird Department, ensuring animal welfare and work safety.

Report to the General Curator, on a regular basis and on request.

Staff training, and if necessary, hands-on work with the birds including feeding/food preparation, handling, veterinary support and hygiene management.

Monitor breeding and daily observation of behavior and health status.

Written documentation and record keeping, evaluating data and producing publications, guidelines, records, proposals, protocols and projects.

Supervise enclosure and building maintenance, as well as monitor construction-work.

Oversee and participate in the artificial incubation and hand-rearing of various bird species.

Organize the daily/weekly routines of personnel of the Bird Department
Participate and represent Africam Safari in collaborative conservation programs.

The position will be open until a suitable candidate is found. Please send resume and cover letter to: and

For full details please go to

Please mention you saw the advertisement in ZooNews Digest should you apply for this post

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