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Animal Conditioning and Training Manager - Australia Zoo

Animal Conditioning and Training Manager - Australia Zoo

Department: Primates

Reports to: Senior Curator – General Manager - Zoo Director

Position Description: In this position, you will have primary responsibility for the procedures and policies of this department. The Head Trainer must have a demonstrated knowledge of operant training/conditioning and incorporate these techniques throughout departmental documents. They will ensure that operational systems are in place for the facilities & services being coordinated and conducted by the Department’s staff.

Your Keeper Staff will be responsible for the care and well being of animals under their care. Zoo Keepers must also be understanding and sensitive to the needs of the animals under their care. They are responsible for the animal exhibit’s, involved with maintenance and landscaping and presenting at daily demonstrations. Zoo Keepers are dedicated to conservation issues and animal welfare.

Animal Trainers and Zoo Keepers at Australia Zoo continually work towards providing improved facilities and care for their animals. They do this with enthusiasm and motivation towards their individual learning and training.

Duties include:
• Direct the formulation of animal resource management strategies, policies and plans of their section.
• Your primary role is to develop and apply training and development programs for staff and animals alike. This includes the conditioning and training of staff and animals to allow walks through the Zoo and the potential for filming opportunities.
• Encourage and develop the use of operant conditioning practices throughout the team.
• Training of staff for current best practice to achieve training and conditioning with cheetah but also other exotic animals. (again with specific display and potential filming aspects considered)
• Allows for the ability of display activities utilizing the most up to date and innovative techniques.
• Revision and reassessment of current systems so as to bring them up to date and to achieve the goals of the company.
• Undertake performance management systems for individual and team performance.
• Oversee and assist with the cleaning and maintenance of the animal enclosures.
• Oversee and assist with the planning, development and construction of animal enclosures.
• Ensure that animal health checks are conducted.
• Ensure that the preparation of food and feeding of animals in accordance with diet requirements feeding schedules and procedures.
• Maintain records of observations and reports on animal behaviour and breeding.
• Ensure that environment and enclosure safety checks are conducted.
• Co-ordinate and maintain hands on care of animals.
• Control and co-ordinate animal enrichment.
• Maintain high standard of customer service and publicity.
• Oversee any public speaking or delivering demonstrations.
• Commit to our privacy and confidentiality policies.
• Work within the guidelines of health and safety procedures to ensure both animal and personal, and visitor security.
• Participate in performance training and development reviews or programs as requested by the company both on and off the job.
• The attainment of tertiary education/qualifications with specific reference to exotic animals and their training is essential.
• Attend meetings as requested by Senior management.
• Other duties as requested by the Head Curator – General Manager - Zoo Director.

We are seeking a motivated and experienced trainer to supervise the Cheetahs/Primates Department with a strong focus on the training and conditioning of animals within the department.

The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate the ability to train other staff in the process of training and conditioning animals and have a strong focus on company goals. They must demonstrate knowledge in the use of operant conditioning and training.

Tertiary education in areas relating to training and conditioning of animals and staff is essential.

The Cheetahs/Primates Department will be developing over the next 5 years to include Great Apes. Therefore, applicants with a strong background working with Great Apes would be preferred.

It is also preferred that the successful applicant have experience in training exotic and domestic animals for film and television.

Weekend availability and own transport essential.

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Applications close 12th of August 2009

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