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Avian Case Stud Coordinator - Australia Zoo

Avian Case Stud Coordinator - Australia Zoo

Department: Birds

As an Avian Case Study Coordinator in the Birds Department, you will have the zoological role to primarily assist in the studies of the anatomy, physiology, characteristics and environments of animals in particular birds. You will also be responsible for the care and well being of animals under your attendance and show understanding and sensitivity to the needs of these animals. You will be involved with maintenance and landscaping of the animal exhibits, and presenting at daily demonstrations. Dedication to conservation issues and animal welfare is a key element to this role.

It will be essential to posses relevant Tertiary qualifications and the knowledge and skills to undertake the following:


•investigates the interrelationships between animals and their environment by studying animals in their natural surroundings, in captivity and controlled environments
•studies and performs research on birds, gathering data on their growth, nutrition, reproduction, prey and predators
•studies the development and functions of animals
•devises methods for population control, especially of vermin and pest animal species
•prepares or supervises the preparation of reports and scientific papers
•may supervise and coordinate the work of field officers and technicians
•undertake ‘research trips’ as required by Australia Zoo either within Australia and/or internationally as requested by Senior Management

General Birds Keeper:

•Undertake cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures.
•Assist with the planning, development and construction of animal enclosures.
•Conduct animal health checks.
•Prepare food and conduct feeding of animals in accordance with diet requirements feeding schedules and procedures.
•Maintain records of observations and reports on animal behaviour and breeding.
•Conduct environment and enclosure safety checks.
•Undertake hands on care of animals.
•Undertake animal enrichment programs.
•Provide a high standard of customer service.
•Undertake public speaking and/or delivering demonstrations.


•Provide a high standard of customer service.
•Undertake public speaking and/or delivering demonstrations.
•Work within the guidelines of health and safety procedures to ensure both animal and personal, and visitor security.
•Commitment to Australia Zoo’s confidentiality and privacy policies.
•Participate in performance training and development reviews or programs as requested by the company both on and off the job.
•Other duties as requested by the Head Keeper, Curator or Zoo Director.
•Attend meetings as requested by Supervisor.

Weekend availability and own transport essential.

Apply for this job below. Applications close 20th of November 2009

Here is a checklist of information you will need to have ready before you start to complete the employment application form:

•Education history
•Employment history
•Any qualifications you may have eg First Aid
•Any achievements you may like to tell us about
•your availability (what hours can you work)
•A resume in .pdf or .doc format
•Any other info that may support your application

Please allow 20 minutes to complete the application. Click HERE to start application

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