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Protect the Griffon Vulture in Israel

Protect the Griffon Vulture in Israel

Help us protect the Griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) in Israel:

We invite you to participate in our efforts to protect the endangered population of the Griffon Vulture in Israel. In order to sustain and conserve these vulnerable birds.
We conduct nest surveillance at Gamla Nature Reserve, which is located at the center of the Golan Heights in northern Israel.
The area is very calm and remote from the center of the country (and usually from the news...).
In the canyons of this Reserve exists one of the last and largest breeding colonies of Griffon Vultures in Israel.
Volunteers from all over the world participate in this project. They help us watch and document all behaviors (courtship, mating, incubating, hatching, feeding, fledging etc.) and track fledglings and juveniles which are ringed and/or fitted with radio transmitters.

The project starts from the beginning of December 2009 until the end of June 2010. Daily observations are carried out during light hours (a total of 8 hours a day).

Volunteering terms:
Volunteers will work 6 days a week (including weekends) and will have one day off. Special permission is required to take more than two successive days off. Traveling to and from Israel will be on the volunteers' account. We will provide them with accommodation (in the near-by town - Kazrin) and transportation to the reserve.

Desired qualifications:
We prefer volunteers who have some background in birdwatching and/or nature protecting activities, and volunteers who will be able to commit to at least four successive weeks.
The candidate should be able to communicate in basic English, have some basic excel skills, have valid permission (visa) to stay in Israel and should be fully covered with life/health insurance.

Requirements regarding the observations – volunteer should also be
• In good physical condition as the observation spots are reached on foot
• Willing to work under harsh weather conditions – extremely hot in the summer and tremendously cold in the winter
• Patient and willing to sit alone on the cliff for long hours
• Highly motivated, dedicated and responsible

For more information please write or call:
Tel. Gamla Nature Reserve: ++(972)-4-6822282
Fax: ++(972)-4-6822285
E-mail: and / or

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