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Houbara bustard Captive-breeding In-charge

Houbara bustard Captive-breeding In-charge
National Wildlife Research Center (www.nwrc.gov.sa) Saudi Arabia’s premier wildlife research center under the umbrella of Saudi Wildlife Authority that engaged in conservation of wildlife, research in species and their habitats and natural history/wildlife require a Houbara bustard captive-breeding in-charge based at National Wildlife Research Center, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Program: Houbara bustard captive-breeding, NWRC, Taif.

Qualification: Ph.D. or M.Sc. in Veterinary Sciences / Wildlife Sciences / Zoology

Desirables: Candidate should have ability to execute the Captive-breeding department of Houbara bustard and have additional knowledge about use of information technology in wildlife studies.

Experience: Candidate must have 5-10 years of experience in bird captive-breeding.

Reporting to: In-charge of Captive-breeding Section and General Director

Salary: negotiable/depending on the qualification/ability of the candidate.

Other benefits: Housing for family, annual air tickets & health insurance will be provided.

Interested candidates should contact personally within in two months with application giving two references to The Research Coordinator, National Wildlife Research Center, PO Box 1086, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Email: mzafarul.islam@gmail.com)

Job profile: We require experienced person (senior) who could take up the job with the following duties:
  • Manage the artificial incubation process
  • Monitoring health and execution of preventive and therapeutic veterinary treatment
  • Analyze clinical and non-clinical samples using microbiological techniques; proper dispatch of samples to higher labs for analysis and interpretation
  • Conducting experimental research to increase the data-base
  • Co-ordinate with various departments, participating in semen analysis, artificial insemination and genetic studies
  • Record keeping and compiling data and supervising record keeping
  • Training other staff in different aspects of captive-breeding, rearing and management
  • Biosecurity - Implementation and monitoring
  • Assist in statistical analysis of all data generated during the captive breeding program
  • Prepare a breeding chart for daily inseminations keeping genetics records of all birds to avoid related crosses
  • Analysis of semen quality and assess sperm concentration to prepare insemination doses
  • Maintain an organized chart of the breeding program with information on egg production, insemination, semen collection, and semen production
  • Ensure correct entry of breeding data into the 'Houbara software program' and always keep a hard copy for verification.
  • Train new vets, data entry and quarterly reporting.
  • Prepare a handbook of all lab procedures and protocols to analyze clinical and non-clinical samples, necropsies, water and feed analysis for future reference.
  • Develop strategy and action plan. Discuss and formulate plan in consultation with the reintroduction department and other colleagues.

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