Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Houbara bustard Rearing unit Technician

Houbara bustard Rearing unit Technician
National Wildlife Research Center (www.nwrc.gov.sa) Saudi Arabia’s premier wildlife research center under the umbrella of Saudi Wildlife Authority that engaged in conservation of wildlife, research in species and their habitats and natural history/wildlife require a Houbara bustard captive-breeding in-charge based at National Wildlife Research Center, Taif, Saudi Arabia

Program: Houbara bustard captive-breeding, NWRC, Taif.

Qualification: M.Sc. or B.Sc in Veterinary Sciences / Wildlife Sciences / Zoology

Desirables: Candidate should have ability to execute the Rearing Unit of Houbara bustard and have additional knowledge about use of information technology in wildlife studies.

Experience: Candidate must have at least 5 years of experience in bird rearing.

Reporting to: In-charge of Captive-breeding Section and General Director

Salary: negotiable/depending on the qualification/ability of the candidate.

Other benefits: Housing for family, annual air tickets & health insurance will be provided.
Interested candidates should contact personally within in two months with application giving two references to The Research Coordinator, National Wildlife Research Center, PO Box 1086, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Email: mzafarul.islam@gmail.com)
  • Care and management of chicks from 8 days to 8 weeks of age.
  • Preparation and administration of all varieties of prescribed feed for chicks and juveniles
  • Assist in preventive and therapeutic programs conducted by veterinary department
  • Application of metal rings at 6-8 weeks of age
  • Enforce strict hygiene, sanitation and biosecurity measures in the rearing program
  • Conduct feeding trials and growth rate studies as directed by management
  • Maintenance of cages and replacement of litter material as and when necessary
  • Ensure proper functioning of brooders and accessories in chick boxes
  • Assist in all bird transfers as directed by the Management/ vet department
  • Monthly progress report on rearing program
  • Submitting orders for equipment and consumables
  • Monthly meetings and work presentations
  • Maintain inventory of items
  • Responsible for overall management of juvenile rearing section (chicks from 8 days to 8 weeks).
  • Supervise maintenance of outdoor juvenile cages.
  • She/He will prepare work schedule for subordinate staff, ensure day-to-day reporting of activities
  • Enter data regarding birds under his ease.
  • Prepare a handbook of all rearing processes and protocols for future reference.
  • Develop strategy and action plan in association with Houbara captive-breeding incharge and Research Coordinator
  • Discuss and formulate plan in consultation with Captive-breeding incharge and reintroduction department

Please mention Zoo News Digest should you apply for this post
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