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Supervisor, Birds

Supervisor, Birds
Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort - Al Ain, UAE

Job Description

Job Purpose:-
This position is required to supervise entire bird collection at the zoo and ensure that all bird related standard operating procedures and work plans are implemented effectively.

Key Tasks and Duties:-
• Supervise staff at the level designated by senior management.
• Develop and mentor progress of UAE National staff.
• Supervises assigned staff
• Assures feeding schedules and dietary requirements are met
• Oversees and coordinates reproduction, hatching, and neonate care programs
• Participates in developing, administering, and monitoring assigned budgets
• Participates in establishing and updating procedures
• Oversees pest control operations
• Assist managers as required
• Provides support and guidance to senior keepers
• Generates work requests and coordinates completion
• Ensures accurate and complete records of animal activities are maintained
• Participates in planning the developing and modifying of exhibits
• Conducts special tours as required
• Maintains a variety of contacts in order to respond to inquiries and requests
• Effectively coordinate activities
• Adheres to the organization’s policies and practices
• Exemplifies the highest standard of work ethics
• Supervises assigned staff, safely providing a high standard of care for designated animals in the AlAin zoo’s collection, such as mammals, birds, insects, and reptiles.
 • Monitors compliance with related regulations and coordinates with regulatory agency representatives.
 • Prepares purchase requisitions for equipment and supplies.
• Oversees/coordinates animal introductions, moves, restraints, and shipments.
• Accompanies veterinary staff on medical rounds and assures procedures are followed.
 • Discusses morbidity and mortality with veterinary staff.
• Regularly inspects and observes assigned collection for overall health and welfare.
 • Trains and coaches staff regarding media contact, conflict resolution, and appropriate guest and customer relations.
• Assists with research projects as required.
• Provide on job training for senior keepers and keepers
• Support AWPR in career development programs designed for UAE nationals.
• Ensure effective implementation of the health and safety policies and regulations.
 • Prepare reports on daily, monthly basis and as required by the line manager.
• Prepare annual work plans for the assigned area.
• Any other relevant duties assigned by the line manager and or ACD manager.
• Undertakes similar or related duties where appropriate.
• Follow all AWPR EHS policies and procedures.

• A minimum of Bachelor’s degree in zoology, animal science, veterinary sciences, or a related field is desirable.
• Experience working with represented labour is desirable.
• Include considerable experience in supervision of animal care and handling of exotic animals in a zoological setting.
• Minimum of 8 years working experience with exotic animals(mammals, birds and reptiles) and out of these minimum of 2 years working experience with birds as supervisor.
• Knowledge of Animal management and husbandry
• Management of birds in captivity
• Exhibit design and enrichment
• Bio-safety procedures
• Health and safety
• Good leadership and management skills.
• Excellent computer skill
• Presentation skills
• Project management skills
• Reporting skills
• Interpersonal communication and team work
• Communicate effectively in English (verbal and written)
• Driving licence.

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