Saturday, August 25, 2012

Internship - Dolphin Cove (Cayman)

Position: Unpaid Internship (3 spaces available every time slot)

Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, BWI

Responsibilities: Dolphin Cove (Cayman) Ltd is offering an exciting and engaging internship for individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the marine mammal training field! This internship will provide candidates a unique opportunity to work very closely around Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and a variety of exotic birds, supervised at all times by professional and experienced trainers. Gaining not only marine mammal and bird training skills, but human care knowledge as well, successful candidates will have the opportunity to obtain firsthand experience by assisting with daily husbandry, training and play sessions, acquire and sharpen their public speaking skills, assist with daily lagoon and property maintenance as well as provide assistance for the bird team on a regular basis. Minor administrative work related to the company and the animals will also be required, as well as any other duties asked of them.

Requirements: Successful candidates should posses a positive attitude, good communication, observation and organizational skills, with the ability to accept direction, work well with others as part of a team as well as individually when required. An interest and general knowledge in marine life and animal conservation is highly recommended. Candidates must be willing to commit to an approximate 3 month internship plan including weekends and bank holidays. Financial stability must be provided, as proof that candidates can financially support themselves for an unpaid stay on Grand Cayman. (Please visit to calculate an approximate cost of living in the Cayman Islands). There is a shared intern house available to rent at (maximum 3 people) approximately $600KYD per month, with utilities approximately $300KYD per month. The shared house is within walking distance to Dolphin Cove, small shops, the beach as well as a direct bus route into town (details regarding the living arrangements will be given upon selection).

Please note: The internship itself does not cost anything to participate in.

If selected, candidates must be financially stable to commit to an approximate 3 month stay on Grand Cayman (arriving to the island on the 29th or 30th of the month, ready to start the internship on the 1st of the month – leaving the island on the 27th or 28th of the month, non negotiable) as well as obtain and provide a clean police report and medical insurance coverage.

Application timeslots and deadlines are posted as follows:

February 1st ‐ April 26th (Deadline: December 1st)

May 1st ‐ July 26th (Deadline: March 1st)

August 1st ‐ October 26th (Deadline: June 1st)

November 1st ‐ January 26th (Deadline: September 1st)

Contact: Email resumes & cover letters for attention of Zoe Spooner

(Please state which time slot you are applying for).

P.O. Box 285, West Bay, Grand Cayman, KY1–1301, Phone: (345) 946-3396, Fax: (345) 946-9162

Organization: Dolphin Cove (Cayman) Ltd

Address: Zoe Spooner c/o Dolphin Cove
9A Garvin Road
P.O. Box #285
West Bay
Grand Cayman Island


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