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Wildlife Veterinary Advisor - Teuk Chhou Wildlife Education Park

Job Description
Teuk Chhou Wildlife Education Park

Wildlife Veterinary Advisor

Reporting To: Dr. Wayne McCallum (Footprints Organization, Director) and Bunthim Malivot (Park Manager).

Work band: Volunteer

Term: The initial term of this position will be for four months, but will be open to extension subject to mutual agreement and the availability of funds. 

Location: The position is based at Teuk Chhou, 15 minutes by vehicle from the town of Kampot, in southwest Cambodia. The volunteer is expected to spend the bulk of their time working at the Teuk Chhou Wildlife Education Park.

Working hours: 8:30 to 11:30 pm - 1:30 to 5:00 pm

Scope of Position: The Wildlife Veterinary Advisor position will be responsible for:

1.      Necessary mandatory protocols, such as vaccinations, worming procedures etc and attendance to any illnesses.

2.      Mentoring and support of a Khmer qualified veterinary graduate, so that they are eventually able to perform all veterinarian tasks at Teuk Chhou.

3.      Support the wildlife education park team with other activities as requested by either the Director or Park manager.

Experience: Experience in veterinarian care, including wild animal treatment in zoo situations. Confidence and knowledge in the provision of medicines and treatment of animals is a mandatory requirement.

Professional Qualifications: Qualifications in veterinarian science.

Other Skills: Experience in fund raising and educational interpretation is desirable.  

Personal: The successful applicant will need to be someone who can easily crossover between the Khmer and western worlds, while also being able to work as part of a team, to provide direction to his/her follow team members.

The applicant will also need to be someone who can talk with passion and commitment about the project, enthusing others with its vision and a desire to support it.  

Language Proficiency: English as a first language, or fluent written and spoken English as a second language. Ability to speak Khmer is highly desirable or an ability to learn. 

Remuneration: This is a volunteer position, however we would like to be able to offer support for daily living costs, therefore $200 per month will be provided.

Budgets: There is no dedicated budget associated with the position. The volunteer will be asked to develop budgets for all activities that he or she wishes to undertake. These will need to be approved by the Park Manager and Director before expenditure is possible.

Reporting: The Advisor will need to complete a monthly report on their activities. All expenditure will need to be summarized on to a spreadsheet and supported by receipts.

Other: The volunteer will be required to organize their own visa and to have medical insurance coverage over the terms of their volunteer period. Proof of both will be required before the position is commenced.

Dr. Wayne McCallum
Footprints Organization
Please contact Wayne McCallum at for further details

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