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Animal Registrar and Data Protection Officer

Animal Registrar and Data Protection Officer

Department:          Animal Records
Job Title:                Animal Registrar and Data Protection Officer
Reports to:             Head of Animal Collection
1.               Job Purpose
·                  To maintain a comprehensive zoological information system, providing accurate and timely information essential to the operations of the animal collection.
·                  To organise and coordinate animal imports and exports.
·                  To monitor and implement data management and safeguarding policies according to best practice.
·                  To work collaboratively with animal staff and others to deliver the Durrell Conservation Strategy.

2.               Principal Accountabilities

·        Animal Records
  • Maintain Zoo Information Management System (ZIMS) database, containing a detailed inventory of Durrell’s animal collection.
  • Train and supervise staff with regards to the collection of accurate animal records, their subsequent use, and using ZIMS.
  • Collaborate with other zoo staff to improve the accuracy of records systems and solve problems.
  • Review records-keeping procedures and practices as required, assess data and information needs, and recommend and implement improvements to information management.
  • Provide records data and advice to staff, studbook keepers and external organisations and authorities as required.
  • Represent Durrell as its liaison to Species 360 (overarching organisation that manages ZIMS).

Animal Exports and Imports
  • To process the relevant animal transitions form and to submit the form to the Head of Animal Collection and Head Vet for confirmation that the animal is able to be imported/exported.
  • To contact the receiving/supplying institution to initiate the animal movement.
  • To ensure that all necessary documentation for animal transports (e.g. CITES) are in place and ascertain whether any additional animal transport legislation would impede the movement of the individual.
  • To liaise with the Veterinary Department ensuring all necessary animal health screening tests for the animal transfer are undertaken.
  • To make all necessary animal transport bookings transports with carriers, along with arrangements for accompanying staff where necessary, to arrange travel itineraries and to coordinate transports once underway.
  • To ensure that the relevant personnel undertake to provide provision to deliver or receive animals from/to the supplying/receiving institution/individual.
  • Maintain specific licences, complying with import/export requirements for Jersey. 
  • Being the point of contact for animal transports, being responsible for notification to carriers, receivers/senders and all regulatory bodies and compliance entities en route.
  • To prepare relevant loan agreements for the animals that are exported.
  • To send and receive annual reports concerning animals that are in on loan, out on loan or are administered by Durrell by order of an MOU with various governments (loan transfer animals).

Data protection role
·        Being the lead contact at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust with the Information Commissioner’s Office with regard to potential complaints and breaches, ensuring that requests for information are properly handled.
·        Maintain a log of any incidents, assist with any investigations of breaches and undertake reporting/ remedial action as required.
·        Promote Data Protection Awareness and co-ordinate Data Protection Act (DPA) training and activities across Durrell.
·        Ensure organisational compliance and conformance with Data Protection Principles and highlight key risk areas to the Senior Management Team.

·        Develop, implement and enforce a suitable and relevant Data Protection Policy in accordance with the DPA and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and ensure it is reviewed on an annual basis. 
·        Develop implement and enforce a suitable a relevant Data Sharing Code of Practice and ensure that third parties which Durrell deals with comply with the necessary practices and agreements held.
·        Provide information and guidance on the processing of all personal data.
·        Process, co-ordinate and respond to all requests for information.
·        Maintain and establish a register of data owners and educate the data owners on their responsibilities (what is data, how it is used, who has access to it)
·        Undertake DPA compliance audits in accordance with the Information Commissioners audit tool.
·        Provide guidance to Durrell on forthcoming and actual changes to relevant legislation on Privacy and the Data Protection Act and ensure that Durrell is in a position to comply with future requirements.

Other responsibilities
  • Provide expertise as requested for species in overseas conservation
  • Maintain manuals documenting operation, procedure and general use of the animal records system and animal transaction procedures.
  • Keep abreast of new developments and trends with regard to record keeping, information management and animal transactions, and then implement them if adopted by Durrell.
  • To support the Durrell Conservation Academy in delivering training courses and providing support and supervision for conservation students where required.
  • To ensure that the Department produces timely reports, identifying progress against targets.
  • In addition to these functions the Registrar is required to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be required for the effective and efficient performance of the department and Durrell as a whole.

Staff:                This role requires the line management of up to a maximum of 2 staff members.

Finance:          This role requires management of a departmental budget of up to £20,000.

3.    Knowledge and skill
·        Essential:
  • Higher education in biological science and strong mathematical aptitude.
  • Ability to collect and collate information from a variety of sources into concise and accurate reports.
  • Excellent organisational skills; you will be able to juggle a complex workload and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to deal with confidential and/or sensitive information.
  • Ability to work methodically and on own initiative without supervision.
  • Good communication, team-working and time management skills.
  • Ability to train and supervise other staff and students
  • Excellent IT Skills, including working knowledge of standard software packages including word processing, databases and statistical packages.
  • Understand financial information and proven ability to manage projects and budgets.

·        Desirable:
  • Good understanding of local, UK, EU and International law with respect to animal health, transit, CITES and other regulatory regimes would be an advantage, although training can be provided.
  • Knowledge of zoological nomenclature and a background in zoology is an advantage.
  • Experience of teaching and mentoring others.
  • Interest in wildlife and conservation.
  • Good knowledge of the DPA and GDPR
  • Current driving licence
4.    Verification
Durrell reserves the right, if operational requirements make this necessary, to vary your normal duties on either a short term or an ongoing basis provided that such variations do not result in any increase 
to your normal number of working hours per week.  Any need to make such a variation will be discussed with you and confirmed in writing by the Human Resources Department prior to implementation.

Ashley O’Connell
HR Officer

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Peter Dickinson
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