Thursday, August 28, 2014

Animal Trainers

Marineland France is currently looking for animal trainers for a full time position in our marine mammal department.

Successful applicants are hard working, dedicated, can work well in a team and show an enthusiastic and positive work attitude.

Essential Responsibilities
- Daily diet preparation
- Above and underwater maintenance of housing facilities
- Water quality testing
- Care, training, husbandry and enrichment of our marine mammals
- Assisting veterinary staff with procedures and animal record keeping
- Interacting with the public and educating guests

Requested Requirements
- All levels of experience working in a zoological facility, preferably in a show environment, using operant conditioning techniques with cetaceans and/ or pinnipeds.
- Must be physically fit, able to lift 50 lbs weight on a daily basis and able to pass a swim test
- Must be European citizen.
- Language: English and/ or French.

Contact information:
Supervisor of animal training

Lindsey Rubincam:

Please mention Zoo News Digest

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