Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bird Keeper

Bird Keeper

Exmoor Zoo

Full time (40 hours/5 days per week, 2 days off consecutively). Six month trial period.

The avian collection
A chance to work with potentially the best Ciconiforme collection currently in the UK and extend your experience. Seven species of Gruidae on site and over 100 species in total including raptors, softbill’s and psittacines. Recent first UK breeding of southern bald ibis.

Job description
Bird keeper working with all aspects of aviculture with a practical bias. To include basic avian husbandry and (relevant to experience and appropriate training) hand rearing, incubation, seasonal dietary changes for breeding, capture techniques and any essentially basic skills requisite for the purpose. Record keeping and ZIMS access available.

Requisites of this job position to include:
A driving licence and vehicle (we are rurally located).
Physical fitness and self motivation (we are located on a valley hill side with copious Atlantic rain)
Amenability to teaching and tutoring using the traditional coaching methods.
A passion for birds and empathetic understanding of their needs and requirements.
Previous experience and successful avicultural breeding achievements.

Salary negotiable, depending on experience and commitments.

Please apply by email to the Curator, Mr D Reynolds on

Applications for this post will close by the 6th of September 2014.

Please mention Zoo News Digest

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