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Animal Care Attendant 3 (Senior Zookeeper)

Animal Care Attendant 3 (Senior Zookeeper)

Job Description
Animal Care Solutions is seeking two experienced full-time Animal Care Attendants (Level 3) to provide animal care and support services at the Calgary Zoo. The position has the possibility of deployment to various areas of the Calgary Zoo. The successful candidate will join a team of passionate and experienced individuals to provide animal care services to the animal collection of the Calgary Zoo.


–          A Bachelors degree in Zoology (or equivalent) or compensating experience

o   Or, a Registered Animal Health Technologist

–          Expected to have a superior knowledge in the care of zoological and wildlife species

o   Experience working in at least four of the following areas: fish, amphibians, birds, primates, carnivores, hoof stock

–          A minimum of eight years of experience working in animal care in a zoo

o   Must have experience working with dangerous animals

–          A valid Class 5 Alberta Drivers licence

–          Must be able to meet the specific requirements of the position

–          Negative tuberculosis exposure testing

–          Required vaccinations

–          Ability to work inside and outside and in extreme temperatures

–          Ability to lift 25kg’s

The successful candidate will provide animal care services at the Calgary Zoo the tasks of the position may include but will not be limited to;

–          Observation of assigned animals with routine objective reporting in animal records

–          Supervision of junior staff to ensure animal care standards and safety standards are upheld

–          Provide prescribed animal diets in an appropriate and timely manner

–          Maintain complete records on animals attended

–          Propose and track behavioural training and enrichment for collection animals

–          Follow and implementation of protocols on all aspect of animal care

–          Ensure all work areas, exhibit areas and equipment are up to and above standards for functionality and cleanliness

–          Ensure all animal areas are clean, maintained and perform animal husbandry procedures

–          There is an expectation to work weekends, holidays and potentially evening and on call services

–          Provide additional services as required


–          $68,000 – $71,000/year (Dependent on experience and accreditations)

o   Competitive health and dental package

–          Opportunities for growth and advancement

Animal Care Solutions is part of the Animal Care Centre of Strathmore. We provide top quality animal care services, “Because We Care.” We are passionate about the animals in our care and the people on our teams. We are able to support and directly contribute to wildlife conservation in Alberta and Canada, which makes us very proud!

To Apply please email your details to

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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