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Animals Asia can only accept volunteers trained in either veterinary science / vet nursing or qualified in wild-animal management, as all hands-on work with the bears necessitates intensive training.

 All behavioral volunteer placements require a minimum commitment of three months in China or Vietnam.

Basic requirements for Behavioral Volunteers:
Background in an animal profession such as zoo keeping, rehabilitation, or animal welfare.Computer literacy (e.g. MS Word, Excel and web browsers).

Main duties
  • Enrichment preparation and assistance with setting up in various enclosures and dens, as per established calendars.
  • Prepare daily medicated shakes for bears (rotating with staff and other volunteers).
  • Small animal care including dog walks (when needed).
  • Maintain bear behavioral records.
  • Perform ongoing behavioral observations with individual bears or groups plus other resident animals as required.
  • Record data using ethograms.
  • Produce short interpretive reports based on behavioural studies.

If you would like to apply for a volunteer Behavioral position, please send your CV and application letter and complete volunteer application form to

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Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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