Sunday, May 4, 2014

Short Term Chimp Carer Required Urgently

Short Term Chimp Carer Required Urgently

See Letter:

It looks like Charlie will be staying here for at least another two months. We have to still win some things in the court system, but even if that was solved today we still need to get all of the CITES permits and other requirements for him to travel.

I am looking for someone to come sometime between 10 and 20 May and stay for a month or two, living onsite. Charlie is in a place called Aley, about 30 minutes drive from Beirut. He is being kept on the property of a Parliamentarian that is the uncle of the President of Animals Lebanon. It is a large mountain/vacation house so no one really lives in it or uses it. There is a family that live in part of the house and take care of the property.

I set up one bedroom which looks directly to Charlies enclosure and can be accessed without going into the main house. There are two beds, standard  bathroom, a refrigerator, hot water and shower, and we can give a local phone and SIM, and there is internet access but it is not 24 hours. Electricity cuts and there is a generator, but there are always some hours in the day when everything is working with electricity. There is no kitchen but as there is an electric kettle and refrigerator, and shops nearby, it is not really a problem.

I will pay for all costs while here, but I need someone with some experience with chimpanzees and who fully understands they can be dangerous. As Charlie is not 'ours', he is 'owned' by the government and under our judicial care, I cannot afford to have any accidents at all.

Because of visas and flights it is easiest to have someone from Europe. Is this something you may be interested in or know of someone who might be? It is completely safe, this is in an area where wealthy people go to vacation in the summer, there is even a large swimming pool once it warms up a bit, and I am there on Saturday and Sunday and at east one other day during the week. 


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