Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Assistant Curator of Birds

 Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohd. Bin Ali Al-Thani 

P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, State of Qatar 
Tel: +974 4718708 Fax: +974 4718707 

Assistant Curator of Birds

Deadline for applications: Open 

General Information: 

A unique chance has come up to work as part of an international team at Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation in Qatar in the Arabian Gulf. AWWP maintains around 2000 animals of 90 species. The bird collection focuses mainly on Birds of Paradise and threatened psittacines, as well as several other unique avian species. The 
position does not include direct interaction with the Spix’s macaws. 

Job Description: 

The Assistant to the Bird Curator is responsible for supporting the Curator of birds in all aspects of management of the Bird Department, including: 

1. Aviary maintenance, planting and design. 
2. Supervision of Bird Keepers’ daily routine and food preparation. 
3. Management of reproductive activity, including bird socializations, artificial incubation and hand-rearing. 
4. Supervision of the daily distribution of birds’ medications and routine disease monitoring, as well as 
assistance in veterinary treatments. 
5. Record-keeping, data collection and data encoding. 
6. Preparation of guidelines, protocols and working schedules for Bird Department personnel. 
7. Administration and record-keeping of Bird Department human resources. 
8. Management of food stocks and in-house insect production. 

Applicants for the position must fulfill the following requirements: 

1. At least 3 years experience in captive bird husbandry, preferably with passerines and/or psittacines. 
2. A degree in zoology, ornithology or another related field is preferred. 
3. Extensive knowledge of bird husbandry, nutrition, disease, ecology and behaviour. 
4. Expertise in artificial incubation and hand-rearing techniques. 
5. Experience with record-keeping and data collection. 
6. Basic computer skills (Word, Excel and internet as a minimum, knowledge of ISIS and ZIMS would be 
an advantage). 
7. High level capability in oral and written English. 
8. Flexibility in working hours and an ability to work in a multi-cultural environment. 

Working conditions: 
 Initial contract is for 2 years; starting with a probationary period of 3 months. 
 Work schedule is based on 6 days / 48 hours per week. 
 Flexible working hours depending on the season. 
 1month paid holiday per year excluding official holidays in Qatar. 
 One paid return economy ticket to “home-airport” per year; Ticket at beginning and end of employment 
are also included. 
 Salary depends on experience and highest degree obtained. 
 Accommodation is included at AWWP, including all amenities. 

Please submit a cover letter and CV to: 
e-mail: office@alwabra.com 

Please note that applicants may subsequently be requested to fill in a questionnaire. Applicants might also 
be invited to Qatar as part of the hiring process.

P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, 
State of Qatar 
Tel: +974 4718708 Fax: +974 4718707 

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