Sunday, June 1, 2014

Assistant Curator of Mammals

 Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohd. Bin Ali Al-Thani 
P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, State of Qatar 

Application Information for the position of 
Assistant Curator of Mammals 
Deadline for applications: As soon as possible 

General Information:
Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) is located in Al Shahaniya, State of Qatar is a private breeding centre for threatened animal species. AWWP houses approximately 2100 animals of 95 different species, some of them are critically endangered like the Spix’s and Lear’s macaw, Queen of Bavaria conure, Addra gazelle, Erlanger’s gazelle and the Addax antelope. Some species at AWWP are kept no where else in captivity. An international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (around 45 staff) run the preservation.

General Job Description for the Assistant Curator of Mammals:

You will report directly to the Curator of Mammal and will care for the Mammal and Reptile collection, which includes approx 1500 animals of 40 species; mainly antilopinae, caprinae, neotraginae, equidae, felidae, primates, testudinidae.

The duties are:
- Assistance in all fields of curatorial work.
- Mammal data administration and encoding.
- Instructing and supervising junior staff/ keepers.
- Organizing all daily routines within the respective sections.
- Coordination of stock-take of food and tools.
- Animal breeding management.
- Animal monitoring.
- Keeper replacements.
- Nursery work.
- Enclosure maintenance, planting and design.
- Running a live-food animal unit, where rodents and rabbits are being bred for food for other animals.
- Involvement in scientific work and projects related to mammals.
- Participation in wildlife conservation projects.
The successful candidate must fulfill the following requirements:
- Good communication skills and fluency in English both spoken and written.
- Experience in office administration, good computer skills (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).
- Ability to work independently and within a motivated team.
- Flexibility and good organizational skills.
- Experience in animal husbandry, nutrition, ecology and behaviour.
- Valid driving license.
- Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.
- Experience working with mammal species commonly kept in zoological institutions.

The candidate must name three references with information of telephone and e-mail addresses. The
references have to be related to the candidates past work in zoological collections or with clear relevance for the possible future work at AWWP.

Knowledge/ Experience (Desirable) 

- Experience in resource management
- Experience with staff management, training and communication
- Experience with record-keeping

Working conditions:
Free Accommodation at AWWP. Four weeks holiday with one paid return airfare home per year. A six-day working week with flexible working hours, seasonally variations. AWWP will offer a two year-contract with an initial probation period of three months. Salary will be based on prior experience and will be discussed after more application details are known.

Please submit your resume and cover letter to:

P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, State of Qatar 

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