Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Keeper / Aquarist – Underwater World

Birdworld, Farnham
Keeper / Aquarist – Underwater World

We have a vacancy for a Keeper / Aquarist to join our team.
The role will involve all aspects of water and stock management in our small aquarium ensuring high standards of animal welfare and public display.
We have over 30 aquatic displays within the aquarium, ranging from freshwater to marine and including dwarf crocodiles.
We are seeking someone with a proven record working in the aquatic environment, ideally in a public collection.
Our aquarium staff also assist with aquatic systems out in the wider bird park and with other tasks as necessary.
An understanding of water management and the care of a wide range of stock is required. An understanding of basic health and safety in the workplace is expected, some DIY skills and knowledge of the particular regulations affecting the operation of zoos would be beneficial.
The successful applicant will be enthusiastic, willing and knowledgeable, whilst being keen to learn more and having a good team ethic.
Are you interested in joining our Team? What to do now…
  1. Find out more about us http://www.forest-lodge.co.uk/jobs_recruitment.shtml
  2. Fill in our online application form and send us an up to date CV
  3. E mail us for more information at human-resources@dehltd.co.uk

Closing date for applications 31st October 2014

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