Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cheetah Cub Rearers

Cheetah Cub Rearers

Cheetah Outreach is currently seeking volunteers to assist in the hand-rearing of cheetah cubs next breeding season (approx. May - Oct 2016). We are looking for individuals to come to South Africa for a minimum of one month to volunteer on our cub rearing programme.
In partnership with credible PAZAA member breeding facilities based in South Africa, we are responsible for the hand-rearing of cheetah cubs. These hand-reared cubs are trained as ambassador animals and will be sent to zoo education programmes around the world where they do vital work in education and fund raising, thereby supporting conservation of cheetahs in the wild. For more information about the work of Cheetah Outreach please visit which provides details of our conservation projects (in-situ and ex-situ). 

Volunteers for the cub-rearing project must have appropriate experience and/or qualifications in any of the following disciplines: animal husbandry, veterinary nursing, zoo keeping, wildlife rehabilitation or neonatal care.

This is a very rewarding experience, but as with caring for any neonate, long hours and lots of cleaning is required.

As we are dealing with pregnancy and young cubs, there may be times when cubs are expected but do not arrive, if this happens, volunteers would be able to assist at the main Cheetah Outreach facility.

A deposit of 3000 South African Rand is required to take part in the project. Accommodation is provided free of charge and you will be provided with basic food supplies.

Flights to South Africa are not provided.

Closing date for receipt of first application forms will be 2nd December 2015

Please email Karen at for more information on how to apply. Please put cub rearing programme 2016 in the subject line.

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