Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Chief Flamingo Officer

Chief Flamingo Officer 

Brand:             Baha Mar Shared Services
Job Title:          Avian Manager/Chief Flamingo Officer
Reports to:       Avian Curator

Baha Mar’s Chief Flamingo Officer serves as a working supervisor for all flamingo areas, collaborating with the Avian Curator, other Avian Managers and Aviculturist staff. This position oversees the day to day operations of the flamingo collections and the staff that work in those areas to create a Beach Sanctuary experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests.

The Baha Mar culture begins with PASSION.

We have a passion for “BETTER THAN BEST” that leaves a lasting impression on our guests, and creates a timeless resort experience that is glamorous, fun and exceptional. Here is how you can “own the wow!”

·         Care deeply
·         Have a generous spirit
·         Thrive as part of a team
·         Pay exacting attention to details
·         Create emotional connections with our guests
·         Be strongly committed to Baha Mar’s success

What you will also have already accomplished:
·        College degree in Zoology or related field, or commensurate experience.
·       5+ years experience working in the care and husbandry of exotic birds, with specific hands flamingo experience, at an accredited animal facility or in a professional environment.
·         1+ years supervisory experience, including directly managing a program and leading a team of professional staff.
·         Wide knowledge of biology, ecology, behavior and captive requirements of flamingos.
·         Bird habitat maintenance, food preparation & nutrition, and observation and record keeping skills required.
·     Practical application and knowledge of avian science, flamingo care and propagation, bird husbandry skills, staff training, and animal training & enrichment skills required.
·        Professional presentation and communication skills including dymanic guest interaction techniques.
·        Basic computer skills required

Description of Responsibilities
Baha Mar’s Chief Flamingo Officer/Avian Manager, in conjunction with the Avian Curator, will be responsible for the care, propagation and training of the flamingo collections at Baha Mar and related facilities to create a Beach Sanctuary experience that will leave a lasting impression on guests.
Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
·       Function as a team player, showing trust and mutual respect for all members on the team. Uphold the highest standards of courtesy and conduct which exceeds expectations.
·         Respond to all animal and operational emergencies as requested.
·   Demonstrate knowledge of animal care, including diet requirements, habitat needs, scientific nomenclature, natural history and compatibilities of the birds in your care.
·         Develop and maintain all aspects of the flamingo husbandry, breeding programs and standard operating procedures manuals.
·    Clean and repair exhibits, and make any necessary and recommended improvements. Ensure that all animal areas are clean and all systems are functioning properly.
·      Maintain displays and exhibits that are aesthetically pleasing and healthy for the animals living in them, ensuring that all animals receive the best care in a proper environment for the species.
·        Provide treatment of sick or injured animals as directed by Curator or veterinary staff.
·    Assist with the capture and restraint of animals, for enclosure movement, veterinary examination or export from the collection, while minimizing stress and ensuring the maximum amount of information is collected during each event.
·      Encourage, or discourage, the reproduction of the animals according to the species management plan by identifying collection needs. Plan the long time viability of the collection and assist in acquiring the needed animals and associated permits.
·         Monitor the animals carefully for behavioral, reproductive and medical problems and ensure prompt action is taken to alleviate them.
·         Make observations and maintain accurate records of all animal behavior, physiology and breeding.
·         Provide additional animal care as necessary, beyond the normal routine, to incubate eggs, hand-rear young and attend sick animals.
·        Implement and apply behavioral enrichment and animal training techniques to improve the health and welfare of the animal collection, and to meet program needs.
·     Teach staff proper implementation of environmental enrichment and animal training techniques. Approve enrichment items and training plans.
·         Stay current on avian care trends.
·         Schedule and supervise staff.
·       Along with the Curator, oversee staff development and learning opportunities. Serve as a mentor and a role model for animal care team members.
·         Maintain open communication between Curator and all members of the staff.
·         Schedule and execute guest interactions with the flamingos. Lead guests on tours and provide educational opportunities for the guests.
·         Suggest new techniques for maximum guest satisfaction at minimum operating costs.
·         Act as a spokesperson for the resort representing the Baha Mar Beach Sanctuary experiences.
·         Provide dynamic services to ensure guests are “wowed” by Baha Mar’s Animal exhibits.
·         Total compliance with Baha Mar’s standards of operation.
·         Perform other duties as assigned.

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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