Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Looking for a Retired Zoo Person

Please see the ad below. I am not giving the name or email address of the person who is advertising but it is a genuine advert and I will pass any realistic offers of interest directly on to him. Please do not bother to apply unless you are a dog person, genuinely interested, committed, have a little it in the bank, have lived abroad before and have had several years' experience with chimpanzees.
I will not reply to you I will simply pass your email along if it fits the below.

Please in the first place email and put 'African Volunteer' in the subject line.

"We have had a volunteer with us for the last 6 years who has been looking after the dogs and the chimps when we travel and helping with the films. It is quite an attractive setting with a nice two bedroom cottage, car, WIFI  and all other costs except for food covered (however with a very generous food allowance).  A retired zoo person might find the set up quite interesting. (last night we had three big bull elephants in the garden and a bunch of buffaloes)."

Cut off Date 24th February 2018

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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