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Veterinary Pathologist

Veterinary Pathologist, Division of Conservation and Education, Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR), Abu Dhabi, UAE
The Al Ain Wildlife Park (AWPR) first developed as Al Ain Zoo in 1968 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is being redeveloped by the Abu Dhabi government as an expanded 900 hectare integrated biodiversity institution and resort. The new park will feature extensive exhibits of arid land biodiversity including five World Desert Habitats illustrating the animals, plants, landscapes and cultures of specific desert ecoregions, the Oasis Gardens, five Safaris exhibiting the landscapes and large mammals of five specific deserts. Phase 1 will open in November 2015 and will include the opening of the African World Desert based on the Samburu Region of Northern Kenya. The new Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre is a new world class museum exhibiting the geology, culture and biodiversity of the United Arab Emirates and is a tribute to the environmental heritage of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. The project has a strong conservation foundation with ongoing ex situ and in-country biodiversity projects in Arabia and NE Africa and developing partnerships with zoos, botanic gardens and cultural institutions. The current zoo site is being redeveloped as a new Conservation Breeding Centre dedicated to conservation and research. The project is being developed using the Abu Dhabi government’s sustainability guidelines (ESTIDAMA) and is committed to inspiring guests and visitors through creating an extraordinary set of landscape experiences and biodiversity encounters. AWPR is an integral part of the government of Abu Dhabi’s tourist infrastructure and a key component in the nation’s strategy of developing knowledge based economy. AWPR is a member of WAZA and is working towards full compliance with EAZA standards and policies.
AWPR is seeking a Veterinary Pathologist to manage the laboratory facilities and provide complete diagnostic laboratory services for AWPR collection as well as to external clients. The duties will includes interpretation and correlation of test results, communication of results to the veterinarians, and preparation of final reports. The post will develop a world class cadre of staff that will deliver the highest standards of animal care. The successful candidate will work with the Manager, Veterinary Services to ensure that AWPR grows as an active contributor to national, regional and international breeding and reintroduction projects and an active participant in EAZA and WAZA activities.  
The Veterinary Pathologist reports to the Manager, Veterinary Services and will be responsible for
(1) Manages laboratory facilities to provide excellent diagnostic laboratory services,
(2)Provide routine and/or specific veterinary pathology services for AWPR/external clients
(3)Study pathology material specific to virology, immunology, and infectious disease studies,
(4)Interpret laboratory data to provide diagnostic leads in managing the health problems,
(5)Conducts post-mortem examinations and collection of appropriate samples for further investigation,
(6)Investigates the significance of laboratory results and correlates the findings of various tests including those of necropsies and cytology/histopathology,
(7) Train and supervise veterinary technologists in new laboratory procedures and investigative methodologies,
(8)Design and conduct research in the area of zoo and wildlife animal disease and publishes the data injournals of international repute,
(9) Interact with key personnel for continuous upgrade of laboratory facilities (10) Develop and perform independent and collaborative research, with publication of the result in peer reviewed journals, presentation of finding at national and international scientific meeting.
The successful candidate should have an advanced M.Sc in Veterinary Pathology from an accredited university. The candidate should haveat least 8 -10 years of experience in laboratory diagnostic work as well as teaching and research in the field of Veterinary Pathology.
More information about this role can be found by contacting:
Mohammed Al Kuwaiti
Manager, Human Resources
E-mail: or visiting  
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