Monday, December 19, 2016

Experienced Volunteers Needed

Experienced Volunteers Needed

See below an edited message I recieved. Why not take a short sabbatical? Enhance your CV, build on your experience and do good work at the same time.

AAP has two rescue centres, their main one in Almere, Netherlands and their second in Spain.

Primadomus is a non-profit organization that rescues mammals (mainly primates and big cats) from the illegal exotic pet trade,  circuses and entertainment industry. 

They rehabilitate as many of the animals as they can and these are outplaced to reputable zoos and sanctuaries across Europe, those that can not be outplaced, due to severe behavioural problems or long term illnesses, have a home for life at the centre.  Due to it being non-profit there is a very small core staff base and they rely on volunteers from around the world to help care for the animals.  From February 2017 onwards there is a shortage of volunteers signed up to help.   This is where I was hoping you could help, I have followed your work and read zoo news digest for a long time, you provide a lot of information in your newsletters that I imagine reach a lot of people on your database.  Would it be possible for you to include a “volunteers needed” advertisement in one of your newsletters, like you do with the vacancies?  The volunteers have free accommodation provided as well as transfer to and from the centre and volunteering is for a minimum of three months.

Having volunteered here for the last two months I can assure you that they have the animals welfare at heart, they have very good husbandry protocols and training and enrichment programmes.  Their core staff are from animal backgrounds - zoos, sanctuaries, rescue or training. 

Their standards are very high.  

They currently house Barbary and Pigtail Macaques, Chimpanzees, Common Marmosets, Talapoins, Lions, Tigers, Jaguar and Puma.  Due to the amount of illegal exotic pets here, there are regular confiscations of smaller primates, meaning the quarantine section (as well as all the others) is always busy.

Many hands are needed.  Below are the links to their websites:

Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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