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Summary of Responsibilities

Candidates must possess a wide range of Zoo Keeper skills. In addition the Senior Keeper takes on a team leader role and is expected to provide basic day to day management and direction within their team. As such previous relevant experience in managing a small team is required and proven leadership skills are essential.

You will be responsible for maintaining high standards of animal care and welfare and for ensuring all aspects of presentations are of the highest standard.

Experience and Qualifications

Experience with carnivore husbandry, behavioural training and presentations is essential. Candidates will be required to hold or obtain and maintain a firearms licence. You will need to hold a Drivers Licence and have experience with manual vehicles.

How to Apply

External candidates are required to submit a CV and a covering letter, outlining;

· The date of qualification to Certificate III in Captive Animals of equivalent
· Details of their previous management experience
· An outline of their carnivore experience
· The extent of their behavioural training and presentation experience and where applied.

Copies of the position description and application requirements can be obtained from

CLOSING DATE: 12 Noon, Friday 18th September 2009
INTERVIEWS: Week commencing 28th September 2009





CLASSIFICATION: In accordance with Staff Industrial Agreement Level 6

HOURS: 76 per fortnight on a 7 day roster


RESPONSIBLE TO: Assistant Curator




Under minimal supervision and within specified guidelines safely, efficiently and effectively perform all core duties. Apply post trade equivalent skills. Support and deputise for the Assistant Curator. Demonstrate an awareness of key environmental issues, both National and International. Provide guidance and direction to keeping staff.


Duties are performed primarily out of doors.


(1) Core Duties

1.1 Perform all husbandry and record keeping requirements to a high standard.
1.2 Maintain exhibits to high standard and implement measures for improvement.
1.3 Participate in the development of new and existing exhibits and animal facilities.
1.4 Assess exhibits in relation to animal behaviour and public interaction.
1.5 In consultation with veterinary staff:-
- treat animals as required
- identify factors that may result in animal health problems and implement corrective measures
- implement routine prophylactic procedures
- assist with surgical procedures
- prepare and read faecal floats
1.6 Prepare, restrain and load animals for transport.
1.7 In consultation with the Assistant Curator develop and implement for a group of animals:-

- in-house animal management programmes
- programmes to deal with behavioural problems
- specialist breeding programmes.
1.8 Contribute to the development and implementation of the Zoo's Collection Plan.

1.9 Review work practices periodically for improved safety and productivity.
1.10 Work consistently in accordance with established safety procedures to ensure animal security, personal safety, protection of other staff and the public.
1.11 Identify and report safety issues and develop corrective measures.
1.12 Support the development of the Zoo's education and public relations programmes:
- conduct presentations to small public groups and respond to questions
- provide directions and information to the public on an ad hoc basis
- maintain exhibit graphics to required standards, prepare concept briefs and recommendations for improvements
- provide background material as required
- participate in promotional activities as required
- provide training and support to Zoo staff and volunteers in the preparation and presentation of guided tours and keeper talks.
1.13 Provide on-the-job training to Animal Care Staff as required.
1.14 Provide general training and guidance to Zoo staff, volunteers and work experience students.
1.15 Conduct and/or participate in approved research.
1.16 Prepare papers and/or articles for presentation and/or publication as required.
1.17 Deputise for the Assistant Curator as required.
1.18 Prepare reports and recommendations.
1.19 Participate in committee work as required.
1.20 Other duties as required.

(2) Management and Safety

2.1 Assist the Assistant Curator in the management of the work group:-
- set goals, objectives and standards for the work group's performance
- monitor work performance
- prepare rosters
- allocate work
- co-ordinate work experience students
2.2 Assist the Assistant Curator in the review and implementation of management policies.
2.3 Assist the Assistant Curator in the training and development of staff:-
- appraisal of staff
- identification of training needs
- development of training schedules
- implementation of training programmes
- monitoring and review of training programmes
2.4 Assist the Assistant Curator in occupational health and safety management:-
- ensure compliance with established health and safety policies and procedures
- recognise potential safety hazards and formulate suggestions for corrective measures
- implement safety training as required

(3) Animal Husbandry and Exhibit Management

3.1 Assist Assistant Curator in setting goals and standards for all Animal
Husbandry and Exhibit Management needs.
3.2 Provide technical advice and support to Zoo staff on Animal Husbandry and
Exhibit Management.
3.3 Critically evaluate exhibits and animal facilities.

3.4 Prepare concept briefs for the development of new and existing exhibits and
animal facilities by researching habitat themes and ensuring animal behaviour and OH&S requirements are met.
3.5 Act as Studbook keeper, Species Coordinator or be part of a species
management team.
3.6 Formulate and implement approved in-house research projects.
3.7 Assist in the co-ordination of the Zoo component of joint research projects.


(4) Experience
4.1 Demonstrate a significant level of experience in the area of relevant
4.2 Demonstrate a high level of experience in other Taxa.
4.3 Demonstrate experience in personnel management.

(5) Skills
5.1 Well developed numeracy and written and verbal communication skills.
5.2 Highly developed organisational skills.
5.3 Ability to arrange personal work routines and practices to make optimum use of time and resources.
5.4 Able to use principles of conflict resolution.
5.5 Ability to access computerised animal databases.
5.6 Basic horticulture and maintenance skills.
5.7 Current car driver's licence and ability to drive manual vehicles

(6) Knowledge
6.1 Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the following:-
- Aim and Objectives of the Society
- Principles of wildlife conservation
- Advanced animal husbandry
- The objectives of the World Zoo and Aquarium Strategy.
6.2 Understand matters relating to animal welfare and animal ethics.
6.3 Understand the principles of species management.
6.4 Understand key provisions of the Occupational Health, Safety and
Welfare Act.
6.5 Knowledge of the Industrial Agreement.
6.6 Knowledge of the Zoo's financial resources.
6.7 Understand the role of education and public relations in the
achievement of Zoo objectives.
6.8 Knowledge of appropriate techniques for handling public enquiries and
6.9 Knowledge of requirements for the safe and humane shipment of
6.10 Possess a basic knowledge of veterinary procedures.
6.11 Demonstrate an understanding of anatomy, physiology and relevant

(7) Personal Attributes
7.1 Commitment to the Aim and Objectives of the Society.
7.2 Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing, and to work
closely with others in a team environment.
7.3 Demonstrate an advanced interest in the study and welfare of animals.
7.4 Demonstrate a high level of initiative and leadership capability.
7.5 Physically capable of performing all of the tasks required.

(8) Essential Academic Requirements
8.1 Completion of an approved course of study at a minimum trade
equivalent level.
8.2 Completion of an approved course of study relevant to the specialist
area at a minimum of post trade level.

(9) Desirable Academic Requirements
9.1 Has undertaken Human Resource Management training.
9.2 Undertake ongoing on-the-job training and attendance at
appropriate courses.

Occupant ................................................................................................................................... Date .............................................. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS

Carnivore Keeper

Special Duties specific to this role, in addition to the “Keeper” Job Specification are;


Candidates must possess a wide range of Zoo Keeper skills including proven animal training skills and knowledge and practical experience of animal training methods and practices and conditioning techniques.


The primary (but not exclusive) animals under your care will be a range of carnivore species including Cheetah, Hyena and Lion. Additionally, keepers will undertake presentations, both formal informal, whilst undertaking routine keeping duties on a 7 day roster.

Participate in non animal management activities relating to your work area including events, visitor experiences and marketing on all aspects of services associated with media calls, functions, VIP tours and events held within the Carnivores area(s) vicinity. Additionally, keepers will be expected to have knowledge of and be trained to work on all aspects of the carnivore department.

Frequently dealing with public talks and presentations, coordinating responsibilities within the team in case of emergencies, Escorting VIP’s, behind the scenes tours and undertaking media calls. Some out of hour’s availability is anticipated. Frequent presentations to small and large audiences.


(1) Core Duties



High numeracy and written and verbal communication skills.
Animal training and conditioning skills
Ability to manage conflicting work demands, while maintaining a high level of professionalism
Ability to cheerfully cope with pressure situations.
Ability to professionally deal with media interest.
Requirement to hold a Drivers Licence
Requirement to hold a Gun Licence

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