Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Animal Curator - Cango Wildlife Ranch

Vacant Position

Applications are invited for the following vacant position:

Animal Curator
Cango Wildlife Ranch is seeking a highly motivated, competent animal lover to join it’s Curatorial team. Past animal care giving experience as well as venomous snake handling skills essential.

The main responsibilities of this position is as described on the attached job description.

The following will be required of the successful applicant

Fully bilingual, fully literate,
Previous Experience in similar line (minimum two years).
Computer literate
Drivers Licence

Preference will be given to candidates who will add to the diversity of our organization. Cango Wildlife Ranch reserves the right not to make an appointment in the event that no suitably qualified candidates apply for the position as advertised.

Please submit a C.V. and covering letter of motivation to Martha Lombard at humanresources@cango.co.za

Cango Wildlife Ranch is an equal opportunities employer.
DEPARTMENT: Animal Department - General

SUPERVISOR: Zoological Manager

REQUIREMENTS FOR JOB: Fully bilingual, fully literate, Matric
Previous Experience in similar line (minimum two years). Computer literate, drivers Licence

SUBORDINATES: Animal Assistants

SECTION OF RESPONSIBILITIES: Animal collection (Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and invertebrates)
Job Description

- Constructive supervision of all the daily functions of the department
- Designation of subordinate responsibilities
- Drafting and revising of time management, rosters, protocols and routine work schedules for the staff
- Clear understanding of the disciplinary code and grievance procedure and the ability to apply when and where necessary
- Maintaining a neat and hygienic condition of all holding enclosure
- Monitoring the daily health, well-being and condition of all the animals in the section. Reporting any abnormalities or concerns to management immediately
- Assist with the hand rearing of young animals as and when necessary.
- Training and motivating of staff on an ongoing basis
- Data capture and maintenance of record systems relevant to the area of responsibility
- Research and implementation of the dietary, environmental and behavioural requirements for the appropriate and effective display or holding of the various species in the section
- Maximising breeding potential of all appropriate target species
- Maintenance, planning and landscaping of exhibits and holding enclosures in section
- Maintaining optimal health conditions of all specimens and providing correct veterinary care in consultation with the Zoological Manager / consulting veterinarian and or suitable expert if need be.
- Implement a management plan for the enrichment and operant conditioning of appropriate target species and document and manage the above plan in conjunction with animal trainers
- Implement, in consultation with animal trainers, an effective routine and time management system to carry out the programme.
- Ensure the programme maintains international standards through effective communications and research.
- Identify, evaluate and interpret animal behaviour problems and formulate action plans to address these problems in consultation with animal curators.
- Report back to management and subordinates on all matters concerning the section
- Ensure that all Company equipment in your use is kept in clean and good working order at all times and ensure that the computer company policy is adhered to
- Ensure that the correct admin systems are used for all financial transactions
- Assist as backup to all other curators in their absence
- Ensure strict following of the animal acquisition and disposition policy as well as the safety and emergency protocol
- Be contactable at all times in the event of an emergency
- Serve as a first aid officer and ensure that your certificate is up to date at all times
- Serve on the ‘shooting team’ and be able to assist with dispatch and collection of feed animals as well as be able to use the Ranch dart gun in case of emergency
- Ensure clear and effective communication with all colleagues at all times through formal and informal contact
- Ensure that staff memos are read, acknowledged and signed by all your subordinate and returned to the person sending out memo, within a reasonable period of time
- Immediately inform senior management of any discrepancies and/or concerns within your department
- Participate in all your Department meetings
- Adhoc duties as requested by management

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