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Volunteer Vet Nurse Needed - some Sun Bear work

Vet Nursing in Borneo

Help improve animal welfare in
Indonesia by sharing your skills and

Facility and Program Description:
Kawasan Wisata Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup (KWPLH) is an environmental
education center located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The
facility’s goal is to increase environmental awareness and animal welfare. In addition
to our animal programmes the facility has several education buildings, picnic areas
and playgrounds. To see a full description of the KWPLH’s facilities and goals visit  or email us.

KWPLH provides a wonderful accommodation for 5 sun bears rescued from the illegal
pet trade. Sun bears are the mascot of Balikpapan, and many of our current
education programs and displays focus on them.

The Domestic Animal Program was created in response to the frequent dumping of
kittens at KWPLH. We have attempted to establish a safe home for abandoned
kittens and a sterilization and adoption program. We have an average of 100+ cats,
most of which are permanent residents; In addition we also take care of 5 dogs, and
other rescued wildlife whenever brought to the center.

The Domestic Animal Program Goals:
    1. Ensure the welfare of the cats and dogs within the environs of KWPLH;
    2. Educate visitors in proper pet care including the promotion of pet
    3. Discourage to keeping of wildlife as pets by highlighting the difference
       between wild and domestic animals;
    4. Provide free sterilization programmes for community pets and stray
       animals, prioritizing animals living in the vicinity of the center;

Volunteer Vet Nurse Needed
We are in need of a vet nurse to assist in the development and management of our
animal division with focus on our Domestic Animal Program. The primary goal would
be to assist our Indonesian animal care-taking staff in mastering necessary vet nursing
skills. Other responsibilities would include improving current animal medical systems,
administration and record keeping, enrichment and training programs, and the cat
adoption program. There will be some opportunities to work with the sun bears and
other wild species. Interested persons would also be encouraged to help with education programs to increase animal welfare. The position would be for 6-12+
months. KWPLH will provide housing and basic food.

Outlined below is a list of topics that we need help with:

1. Animal care administration:
a. Reviewing current administration systems and improving them,
especially in regards to animal health notes or charts;
b. Developing the KWPLH animal staff computer skills for regular
data entry;

2. Assist the KWPLH animal staff in mastering vet nursing skills, including
but not limited to: safe and effective holds, injection techniques (s.c.,
i.m., and i.v.), animal handling, sterilization of tools, anesthesia
administration and monitoring, clinic administration, first aid, etc;

3. Carry out daily health checks, monitoring of sick animals, and
preventive medicine;

4. Assist with daily animal care, including feeding and cleaning;

5. Manage our newly built clinic;

6. Assist visiting vets with all medical issues and operations;

7. Organize low-cost sterilization programmes for neighboring
community pets or stray animals when visiting vets are coming to the

8. Dog training and training animal staff in dog training and routine

9. Assist bear keepers in treatment of sun bear medical issues;

10. Assisting with our cat adoption program: Improvement with the goal
of increasing the number of adoptions (to good homes);

11. Enrichment programs for domestic animals, sun bears and other
wildlife (e.g. slow loris, civets, macaques occasionally taken care of
at the center);

12. Information gathering and consultation with KWPLH advising vets.

For more details about KWPLH and the vet nurse position please email us!
We will be needing help from a new vet nurse from June 2011 onwards. The position
would be for 6-12+ months or longer. Send questions and resumes to Gabriella
Fredriksson,  or .

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