Friday, May 13, 2011

Volunteers needed for this summer!

Volunteers needed for this summer!

July will be a very important month for Barbary macaques! Barbary macaque populations in some areas have declined drastically due to the illegal capture of infants for the pet trade. The majority of the young macaques are smuggled into Europe through the Spanish port of Algeciras. Barcelona ZOO and DEPANA (League for Protecting Natural Heritage), with AAP and BMCRif will run the Straits Awareness Campaign (from 1st to 18th July).

This campaign aims to raise awareness of passengers in transit to Morocco of the macaques’ unsuitability as pets and the importance of the species in its natural environment. During July, we need volunteers to distribute information and materials to all travellers crossing the Straits of Gibraltar from the port of Algeciras. We hope this will dissuade people who might be thinking of buying a macaque from pursuing this idea.

If you like being in contact with people from different countries and are interested in environmental education, this Campaign is a good opportunity to actively assist in Barbary macaque conservation. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us via specifying your availability & interests. It is necessary to commit to a minimum of 5 days, but if you live in the area this could be less. Accommodation and food is covered, and if you have car that is very welcome. For communicating with the public it is necessary to speak French, English and/or Arabic, and useful if you can speak Spanish. COME AND HELP US!

This will also be an opportunity to meet BMCRif personnel and find out more about our work as Ahmed E Harrad and Sonia Moles will be volunteering during the 2nd week of the campaign.


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