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Entry Level Aquarist Position: 14.00/hr.

The Caesars Palace Aquatics Dept. in Las Vegas, NV is looking for a motivated, organized, enthusiastic and hard-working aquarist that can provide strict attention to detail and exhibit an innate love for the field of animal biology.

Our department maintains 33 small fresh and saltwater exhibits, quarantine and live seafood tanks throughout the property; (Not to be confused with the Forum Shops Atlantis Aquarium) with our largest system being 1800 gallons.

Eligible Candidates should:
-Possess knowledge of fresh and saltwater fish and invertebrates.
-Possess a degree in Biology, Chemistry or related field OR possess equivalent experience.
-Be familiar with PVC plumbing and comfortable around life support systems.
-Be able to lift and carry up to 60 lbs.
-Be able to climb ladders, work in occasionally smoky, humid, enclosed or slippery work areas and walk long distances throughout the day.
-Be open water SCUBA certified or be able to obtain certification within 3 months.
-Exhibit troubleshooting skills.
-Possess exceptional observational skills.
-Be very personable, friendly and able to work with many different types of people.
-Be able to work independently as well as on a team.
-Be permitted to work legally in the United States
-Live in or be willing to move to Las Vegas with short notice.

Duties of the Aquarist Include:
Daily diet preparation, keeping of logs, plumbing and retrofit of life support systems, routine maintenance of aquariums, carrying out weekly chemistry testing, identifying and diagnosing illnesses, administering medications, performing necropsies, observation of animal behavior and diving among many others.

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