Friday, July 4, 2014

Aquarium Reef expert

Aquarium Reef expert

1.        Prepares food and feeds fish according to schedule.
2.        Cleans tanks and removes algae from tank windows.
3.         Dive in large exhibits for cleaning, maintenance and feeding as requested and scheduled, and clean all of husbandry equipment.
4.        Supervise divers as requested and scheduled.
5.        Attends to aquatic plants and decorations in displays, and ensures appearance of all assigned exhibits is as required.
6.        Collects and compares water samples to color-coded chart for acid analysis and monitors thermometers to ascertain water temperature.
7.        Adjusts thermostat and adds chemicals to water to maintain specified water conditions.
8.        Observes fish to detect disease and injuries, reports condition to supervisor, and treats fish according to instructions.
9.        Improving the population of the fishes is one of the main responsibilities of an aquarist.
10.        Report on weekly activities (written).
11.        Communicate with senior staff as to exhibits, animal and equipment conditions.
12.        Assist with animal collections.

1.        Bachelor’s degree in biological sciences may be required
2.        Four year course is necessary to handle complex scenarios.
3.        Fluent in English
4.        Highly motivated and a team player
5.        Self starter with sense
6.        Creative and proactive approach towards challenges

7.         Ability to influence and build relationships at all levels especially with external customers

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