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Zoo Keeper - Animal caregiver

Zoo Keeper - Animal caregiver

Zookeepers look after animals in zoos and safari parks. They also work in aquariums and sometimes in the wild. They work with all types of animals. If you love animals and enjoy being active, this could be just what you are looking for.
To become a zookeeper, you will need to have confidence and patience when working with animals. You’ll need good observation skills. You’ll also need good 'people' skills.

The work

Your tasks as a zookeeper would include:

preparing food and feeding animals
providing fresh bedding and water
ordering feed and bedding
cleaning out pens and cages
checking for signs of distress, disease or injury in animals
helping to care for sick animals under the direction of a vet
checking enclosures, cages and barriers for signs of wear or damage
answering visitors’ questions and sometimes giving talks or lectures
monitoring accommodation conditions, such as temperature and humidity
keeping daily healthcare records, normally on a computer.
You would usually work with one type of animal or in a particular section of the zoo.

Skills, interests and qualities

To become a zookeeper, you will need to have:

a strong interest in looking after animals and conservation
confidence and patience when working with animals
good observation skills
awareness of health and safety
stamina and physical fitness
good 'people' skills for working with the public


As animals need to be looked after seven days a week, you will usually work on a shift system including weekends and bank holidays

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