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Aquarium Curator

Aquarium Curator

Skegness Aquarium

Skegness Aquarium Curator

Skegness Aquarium, UK, is looking to recruit a Curator.

The project is currently under construction, and the successful candidate will have the task of working with the design team and owners to help finalise the displays, life support systems and operational aspects of the aquarium to meet the planned opening of Easter 2015. The Aquarium will have 18 tanks, mostly Tropical systems and also 6 insect and amphibian displays.

The successful candidate will;
1. Work with the Employers and Employers representatives and Aquarium Design Team during the later stages of the construction of the project to ensure that the appropriate decisions are made with regard to operational requirements, sourcing, quarantining of livestock, stocking of exhibits and commissioning of the life support systems and other aquarium systems, obtaining the Zoo License and to ensure the aquarium is ready for opening to the public.
2. Once open, take on curatorial responsibility for the day to day running of the aquarium.  The employee will be responsible for performing all tasks incumbent to the role including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Maintain all exhibits of fish and other sea life within the aquarium setting.
  • Ensure tanks are suitable for the species held, and that life support and mechanical systems are functioning properly.
  • Monitor aquarium water quality, and maintain records of procedures and tests carried out.
  • Oversee nutrition, feeding, and food storage and preparation for aquarium stock.

  • Understand and comply with Zoo Licensing legislation.
  • Ethically acquire new specimens to keep the displays and exhibits new and attractive.
  • Plan and execute a safe transportation, delivery, health checking and quarantine process when acquiring new fish.
  • Create displays and exhibits that are aesthetically pleasing as well as ensuring high levels of welfare for the livestock.
  • Plan and carry out research on a regular basis, and keep abreast of current good practice, attending and presenting at conferences, seminars and courses, or undertaking further training as necessary.
  • Maintain stock inventories, and operate livestock breeding programmes where appropriate.
  • Liaise with veterinary consultants to develop fish health protocols, and develop procedures for maintaining health records.

Curator Job Description

  • Take responsibility for the safe storage and use of any veterinary medicinal products held on site, including record keeping.
  • Assist with the recruitment and manage and train a team of aquarists, divers and presenters within the aquarium.
  • Maintain safe working practices and emergency procedures concerning staff diving operations, hazardous specimens, chemicals, veterinary medicines and other employee health and safety issues related to the aquarium.
  • All other duties that may be required to ensure the safe and effective operation of the aquarium.
  • Professional knowledge and understanding

Your experience and knowledge will be sufficient to allow you to work autonomously, and to train and supervise others.

You will have a good understanding of the requirements of the Zoo Licensing regulations, Health and Safety and Diving at Work Regulations.

You will have a commitment to your own learning and professional development, and to that of your team.

An awareness of the responsibilities of health and safety, and personal and public hygiene when working with living species, is crucial.

Leadership Skills

  • You will be an experienced and capable leader, able to supervise a team of aquarists, divers, and presenters (as well as other temporary workers, such as students). You will be expected to:
  • Work effectively with your team, and co-ordinate the work of others.
  • Support and manage change.
  • Secure commitment to agreed clear aims through strategic planning.
  • Delegate tasks and monitor performance.
  • Motivate and inspire your team.
  • Deal sensitively with people, and resolve conflicts.
  • Seek advice and support when necessary.


The Aquarium Curator will be educated to degree level or above, in a relevant animal-related subject, or biological science.
A diving qualification, as well as experience of aquarium dive operations, will be an advantage.


  • Experience of aquarium curation work, covering a broad range of species and aquarium systems.
  • Experience of carefully monitoring animal health and life support systems, and a proven ability to anticipate, recognise and practically resolve problems at an early stage, seeking veterinary advice where necessary.
  • Previous experience working in the visitor attractions industry is an advantage.

This is a permanent position, subject to satisfactory performance during a 1 year probationary period.

For a full Job Description, to ask any questions about the role or to apply please contact:

Katrina Graham
111 Lumley Road, Skegness, Lincolnshire. PE25 3LL

Closing Date: 16th January 2015

Only candidates invited for interview will be contacted.

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