Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fish Curator

Fish Curator

Hurghada Aquarium is a new project and is not open to the public yet. We are seeking well experienced Aquarium Curator to be responsible for the care of all animals in its habitat department.

Provide assigned specimens with excellent day-to-day care through approved animal husbandry practices; keep exhibits, quarantine tanks and workspace well maintained; participate in the acquisition, transport and acclimation of specimens. He/she will assist in all aspects of animal husbandry to include nutrition, aquatic maintenance and operation involving periodic inspection and maintenance of equipment, water quality analysis, diagnosis and treatment of disease and parasites, as well as water quality parameters to reflect daily, weekly or monthly records.

The Curator maintains a stringent schedule of the above-mentioned responsibilities with all members of the Habitat staff. The Curator also directs ongoing educational programs on the property. This includes conducting group tours of six or more. He/she is also responsible for cost control and ordering of all supplies associated with the habitat department. While much of the job is hands on, it is more important to effectively manage the ACS (Animal Care Specialist) to insure they know all aspects of the department and can run habitat in the Curators absence.

Must possess a thorough knowledge of chemistry, animal husbandry, biology, and marine science. At least 5 years of progressively responsible hands-on experience. Two years' experience in staff supervision and program management is desirable. Life support systems knowledge, knowledge of biological, mechanical and chemical filtration and how each relates to the different components of the LSS.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants may forward their resumes to the Hiring Manager by e-mail (

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