Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bird Keeper

Bird Keeper

Exmoor Zoo

Exmoor Zoo has need of a full time bird keeper to help look after this section preferably with experience. This is an exciting opportunity within a quality bird collection getting ready for this year’s breeding season.

Please note: This is a hands on practical position requiring commitment, honesty and self-motivation. You will have to have passed your driving test, own your own car and be able to drive. You will also have to move to our location, find your own accommodation, manage your own finances and want to learn your chosen career path and be prepared to physically work while you learn your “craft” as a bird keeper. This is a challenging role and “life move”. Please do not apply if you have no proven interest in aviculture!

Key responsibilities:
•    All the animal husbandry associated with a diversity and the range of species which we are known for including; six species of cranes, eight species of ibis, a good variation of small and medium sized passerines/soft-bills, psittacines, sphenisciformes, pelicaniformes and raptors as well as waders (over 70 avian species in total).
•    Interacting and presenting talks and encounters to members of the visiting public

Key skills and requirements
•    Experience of at least 1 year of practical animal husbandry (preferably Avicultural)
•    Educational qualifications to at least NVQ3 Animal Care standard
•    A good ability to communicate and share knowledge
•    An ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the natural history and management of key species.

This is a full time position of 5 eight hour working days with 2 consecutive days off every week. Salary dependent on experience. Please send your electronic CV and covering letter by email to Danny Reynolds

Closing date for applications will be the 18th April 2016 and interviews will take place by arrangement up to and just beyond this date.

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