Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chief Fundraising Officer - Wildlife Alliance

Direct Protection to Forests and Wildlife

Chief Fundraising Officer

Wildlife Alliance is an international NGO dedicated to preserving Southeast Asia rainforests and wildlife. We are seeking qualified expat candidates to fill a new position of Chief Fundraising Officer that combines strong management and strong journalistic skills. Come to join a pioneering team of dynamic leaders in conservation who are working to preserve Cambodia's natural heritage and the future of planet Earth!

The organization is very action oriented and has proven many measurable results over the past 10 years in forest protection, wildlife and forest rehabilitation, and poverty alleviation. However, because we have been so focused on results in the field, we have not spent enough time and effort to translate these successes into systematic communications to the international and donor community.

In order to bridge this gap, we are now creating a new management position to propel us vigorously into our next stage of outreach and promotion.

Position is based in Phnom Penh and in the field in Cambodia, with regular trips to the U.S.

Skills and experience

• Candidate must be a strong manager with practical, hands-on management skills and strong journalistic skills.
• Must be an excellent communications writer.
• Minimum 5 years experience in working with different project teams to obtain that they follow schedules and deliver outputs in time.
• Completely fluent in written and spoken English.
• Fluent with Microsoft word, excel, power point.


Manager will need to work closely in coordination with Grant Coordinator, Project Managers, Field Supervisors (in Cambodia) and with the Fundraising Team (Washington D.C.)

A. Obtain and manage information in a fast and effective way. 1. Forest crack downs, wildlife releases into the wild, farmer stories, etc. must be collected in real-time, edited and sent immediately to the D.C. office. 2. Ensure prompt response to donor-oriented requests from D.C. office. 3. Ensure that all news stories and communications are emotionally appealing (we tend to be too technical).

B. Help write technical program reports to distribute in workshops, government agencies and international donors.

C. Stay in constant communication with DC office. 1. Ensure smooth and fast flow of information from PP to DC. 2. Ensure that DC has precise plan for raising funds according to the Cambodia field budgets. 3. Oversee that DC issues precise workplans on a quarterly basis, follows schedules and delivers outputs as projected in the workplan. 4. Monitor that the DC office posts Cambodia news stories on time on website and website stays a fundraising tool. 5. Monitor that DC fundraising staff are fulfilling his/her part in the plan, according to fundraising goals and performance objectives.

D. Schedules US fundraising tours for Project Managers in a timely way when required by DC team and ensure that at least 3 tours a year are scheduled.

E. Help establish donor-oriented attitude for Field Supervisors and Staff prior to U.S. fundraising tours and donor visits to Cambodia. Provide feedback after tours.

Application in English with a comprehensive CV and a recent photograph should be sent to Villa 109, Street 99, Pshar Doeum Tkhov, Phnom Penh, or email to humanresource@online.com.kh  on or before May 7, 2010.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

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