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Sheikh Saoud Bin Mohd. Bin Ali Al-Thani

Application Information for the position of
Junior Veterinarian 22.04.2010
Deadline for applications: As soon as possible

General Information:
Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation (AWWP) is Sheikh Saoud Al Thani’s private breeding centre for threatened wild animals.

Since January 2000, a professional wildlife management is established and AWWP has traveled a rigorous way to transit from a typical Arabian private animal collection to a research and breeding centre for threatened species. The mission of AWWP is to maintain genetically and demographically sustainable captive populations of animal species by providing best facilities conducive to breeding success, behavioral, nutritional and health requirements. At the moment more than 2,000 wild animals (about 500 birds and 1,500 mammals) in 95 different species are under the care of AWWP. Some of the animals are very rare in captivity and/or highly endangered. Few of them are only kept in captivity at AWWP. The preservation is managed by an international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (42 staff). AWWP is non-commercial and not open to the public.

Job description for the position as Junior Veterinarian:
- 40% laboratory work, 35% administration work, 25 % clinic work
- Assistance in all laboratory work like blood work, microbiology and parasitology.
- Assistance in necropsy of different wild animal species.
- Assistance in the organization and execution of laboratory, hospital and clinic maintenance
- Assistance in all fields of zoo and wildlife veterinary work.
- Recording of health programs and related data administration
- Administration and management of stock lists
Applicants for the position must fulfill the following requirements:
- Veterinary degree and some basic experience.
- Flexibility and good organization skills.
- Experience in office administration, good computer know-how (Word, Excel and Power Point).
- Good communication skills and fluency in English
- Ability to work independently and within a motivated international team.
- Patient and sensitive to the animals needs, experience in animal handling and interest in wildlife

To ascertain the suitability of your qualification and background, please answer the
following questions; it’s not necessary to provide a positive answer always:
1.) Describe your previous work experience. What benefits or skills have you gained?
2.) How do you describe your relation to nature and animals?
3.) Are you experienced in the examination, treatment and handling of sick animals?
4.) Do you have any experience in inventory and maintenance of a stock?
5.) Are you experienced in different computer programs? If yes, what kind of programs?
6.) Do you have any experience in performing monthly reports and statistics?
7.) Do you have experience in performing an necropsy? What kind of animals?
8.) Are you familiar with the manual methods of blood cell count? If yes, which methods?
9.) What kind of parasitology tests/ examination have you done before?
10.) What experience do you have with cytology?
11.) What characteristics do you have which should convince us to hire you?
12.) What are your professional targets and what do you expect working in Qatar?
13.) How much salary would you expect? How much salary have you got at your previous job?

Working conditions:
Accommodation is free at the Preservation. Four weeks holiday with one paid ticket home per year. Flexible working hours, depending on the season. AWWP will offer a two year-contract with an initial probationary period of one month. Salary will be discussed after more application details are known.

The position needs to be filled with a skilled person, to maintain and increase our high standard. Do not hesitate to ask for more details. Please submit your CV and the answers of the above questions to:

Christiana Hebel, Veterinarian
P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, State of Qatar
Fax: +974 471 8707

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