Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Collections Director

Collections Director

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is one of the leading zoological collections in Europe, with an international reputation for achieving its mission in conserving biodiversity worldwide through breeding programmes, field conservation, education and research.  With the new Islands project under construction and due to open in the summer, 2015 is set to be an exciting year!

We currently have an exciting opportunity on offer with a vacancy for a Collections Director who will join our Executive Team. The broad objectives of this post are to achieve the greatest conservation impact with the animal and plant collections. This will include:

  • Leading on and developing the collection in line with agreed criteria and in consultation with appropriate senior staff.
  • Developing, in conjunction with the Director of Science and Education and in consultation with appropriate senior staff, selection and evaluation criteria for the collection and the exhibits so they are optimised for conservation impact.
  • Directing the curatorial staff in achieving the collection and exhibit objectives, therefore maximising the potential of each species held and of each exhibit.
  • In conjunction with the Head of Field Programmes and the Head of Conservation Science, developing and delivering initiatives that make use of the collection and Animal and Plant staff to support in situ conservation.

You will be responsible for:-

Animal and Plant Collection: acquisition, care, management of over 400 animal species (>12000 specimens) and an extensive plant collection including four national status collections.

Conservation and Science: supporting ex situ species conservation through studbook management, captive breeding, husbandry research and capacity building – contributing to field programmes.
Facilities and Exhibits: operation of more than 125 separate buildings, associated facilities and equipment. Design and upkeep of exhibits (animal and plant) attracting more than 1.43 million visitors a year.

Staffing accountability: circa 100 permanent positions.

Budgetary accountability: circa £4m per annum.

You will have a big team to assist you:-

Curator of Mammals: to source and manage the mammal collection, participate in and coordinate international cooperative breeding programmes, design and deliver exhibits to maximise welfare and visitor experience, to manage, train and mentor staff, to participate in in situ breeding initiatives, to act as an expert in mammal husbandry and conservation for the zoo.

Curator of Birds: as above for birds.

Curator of Lower Vertebrates and Invertebrates: as above for LV&I.

Curator of Horticulture and Botany: as above for plants.
Projects Liaison Officer: responsible for coordinating design and delivery of new exhibits and minor enhancements to existing exhibits.

PA: administrative support to the Directorate.

We are looking for someone with extensive knowledge and expertise in wildlife welfare with a minimum of ten years managerial experience in zoos/safari parks/aquariums/plant collections.  There is an expectation that you will hold a Masters level or above qualification in a zoology related discipline.

In conjunction with the other Directors you will be a key player in promoting Chester Zoo, leading conservation through networking, representing the zoo in the media, be heavily involved in national, regional and international committees and other activities which will improve the zoo’s profile and influence.

You will also be expected to play a significant role in species and taxonomic management at national and international level e.g. BIAZA, EAZA, IUCN Specialist Groups.

If you would like to receive a full job description for this role or have specific questions, please contact Jane Hubbard at j.hubbard@chesterzoo.org

Otherwise please apply via www.chesterzoo.org/careers, providing a full CV and covering letter.
A competitive salary and benefits package are on offer.

Closing date for applications is Friday, 27th March 2015

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