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Scholarship Hummingbirds

Scholarship Hummingbirds
Istituzione Scientifica Centro Colibrì - London

The Scientific institution of the Italian Republic "Centro per la salvaguardia dei Colibri" is offering a Scholarship, inclusive round trip, house in Italy and financial aid to students who want an opportunity to specialize in Animal-keeping with Hummingbirds (Colibri) and other exotic birds. You will be involved in vital research associated with reproduction and breeding, feeding and artificial hand-feeding. The Institution originates from the city of Trieste in the park of Miramare Castle and has recently transferred to a business centre named Città Fiera, close to the city of Udine.

Offer conditions:
1. A paid round trip to Italy (from a country of the European Community).

2. Study Visa for people who are in the European Community but have a nationality of countries outside the European Community.

3. A house near Udine in Northern Italy, shared with colleagues. It is also likely you will have to share a bedroom. All charges for the house are paid for by the Institution. The journey from the house to the Institution is 5km, you can go by bus but most students prefer to cycle. Each month, an extra €12.50 is given to cover the cost of transport. So, it is the students decision which type of transport they decide to use (All staff speak English).

4. Registration fee and program of study including quarterly rates.

5. On completion of the one year Scholarship, you will be awarded with the title of "Assistant Animalkeeper" specializing in the maintenance and breeding of Hummingbirds.

6. The Scholarship offers €400 per month (A total of €4800, divided into €300 each month and €1200 at the end of the one year Scholarship)(The first €300 will be given on arrival in Italy).

7. Health insurance and all obligations of law are funded by the Institution. The only thing that is not included is food.

1. Seriousness and responsibility. An Animal-keeper is responsible for the lives of the animals in their care. Reliability, availability and time commitment is an essential and necessary skill. Hummingbirds require specialist care and so vigilance is very important.

2. Age: up to 26 years maximum.

3. The study program lasts for at least 12 months, working 6 days a week and 20 days of paid vacation during the year.

4. Available immediately. The candidate should ideally be able to arrive in Italy between 1st & 8th April 2015.

No particular experience is required, however, it is important to indicate the qualifications, experience and work you have undertaken. Other things to include are languages and also your personal hobbies, as well as your personal characteristics (such as attitude, character, strengths and weaknesses) and a photograph of yourself.

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