Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Experienced Zookeeper

Experienced Zookeeper
Flamingo Land Zoo

Flamingo Land Zoo is looking for an experienced zookeeper to join our team for the ungulate department.  Flamingo Land is one of the leading tourist attractions in the UK, attracting more than 1.4 million visitors each year.  The zoo currently has over 130 species across a range of different taxa.  We have an education department, our own research institute (in collaboration with the University of York) and an award winning conservation project in Tanzania.  The zoo is also a member of BIAZA, EAZA and WAZA. 

The successful candidate will be focused on working with a range of animals on the ungulate department including Black and White rhino, Rothschild giraffe, Common hippo, Bactrian camel, also including, Macropods and South American species. Keepers rotate around the department to work on all areas.  All of our zookeepers are encouraged to participate in a range of activities which include research, environmental enrichment and education.  The successful candidate must have at least three years experience working in a zoological collection and have passed the Diploma in the Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals (or equivalent). Drivers licence is preferred. Experience with any of the above mentioned species would be an advantage, but you will receive direct training in the husbandry of these species. The successful candidate will be expected to be very personable and able to communicate well with visitors, including delivering public talks. The successful candidate will also be enthusiastic and a good team player.

Interviews will take place the week after the closing date above.

How to Apply:  Please email a CV and covering letter by 10th March 2016

Samantha de Belle
Head Keeper Paddocks

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