Monday, March 14, 2016

Section Leader (Primates) (Senior Keeper)

Section Leader (Primates) (Senior Keeper)

Paradise Wildlife Park currently has a vacancy for a senior keeper to join our animal park team running our Primate Section.

The Primate section is responsible for the husbandry of many species, including multiple EEP species. The section includes; Red Ruffed Lemur; Black and White Ruffed Lemur; Black Lemur; Ring-tailed Lemur; Cotton Topped Tamarin; Golden Lion Tamarin; Golden Headed Lion Tamarin; Emperor Tamarin; Silvery Marmoset; Pygmy Marmoset; Geoffroys Marmoset; Squirrel Monkeys; White Cheek Gibbon; Lar Gibbon, along with Two Toed Sloth and Three Banded Armadillo in a mixed exhibit.

The successful applicant will have an active primate keeper role and will be responsible for the day to day running of the section, husbandry, diets, welfare of the animals and supervision of staff.  This position entails keeper talks/presentations and experiences with park visitors. The applicant will be responsible for delivering and training staff on the delivery of interactive animal experiences such as ‘Feed the Lemurs’.
Paradise Wildlife Park has a small team of primate keepers, cover keepers, interns & volunteers that you will be tasked with supervising, co-ordinating, training and working alongside. Therefore, the applicant must be very personable and able to communicate well with staff and visitors. The successful applicant will be enthusiastic and a good team player.

The successful applicant must have minimum five years of experience working within a zoo environment and experience working with primates is a must.

Job Details:
•        Full time; Permanent position
•        Reports to; Head keeper & Senior management
•        Hours; Summer 8am-6pm, Winter 8am – 5pm. Includes weekend and bank holiday work on a flexible rotated basis. Flexibility is necessary in this post
•        Part of a cohesive senior keeper team

Primary Duties and Responsibilities include:
•        Carry out and enforcing high standards of welfare and animal husbandry routines
•        Ensure an up-to-date knowledge of relevant best practice, and statutory regulations, including  Health and Safety
•        Undertake and record animal observations
•        Deliver high standards of visitor interaction in the form of; keeper talks, encounters, experiences, tours and education events
•        Overseeing and training of primate keepers, cover keepers, interns and volunteers
•        Attend and contribution to regular senior keeper meetings
•        Regular communication with head keepers regarding section
•        Liaise and assist in general duties and requirements as directed by senior management
•        Other duties to support effective and efficient site maintenance may include: Fire Marshall, First Aider, Company vehicle driver, including tractor trailer, Litter picking/rubbish removal/sweeping and general cleaning in order to maintain high standards (nb - full training will be a given prior to the post holder being required to undertake new tasks)

•        An animal science related qualification; preferably DMZAA or level equivalent
•        5 years full-time experience in a zoological collection
•        Minimum 2 years primate experience
•        Excellent communication skills
•        Excellent people management skills
•        Adaptable for a flexible rota
•        Physically fit for the demands of this role
•        Full UK driving licence

If you would like the opportunity to join our team please send your CV and cover letter to

Closing Date: Friday 8th April 2016

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