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Curator Birds and Reptiles

Curator Birds and Reptiles

Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium

Job description
  • Supervise staff at the level designated by senior management.
  • Develop and mentor progress of UAE National staff.
  • Evaluates, adjusts and coordinates husbandry standards and techniques applied to an assigned animal collection according to a zoo master plan.
  • Plans, oversees, directs implementation and coordination of animal husbandry programs, reproduction, neonatal care, introductions, moves, restraints and shipments; regularly inspects and observes assigned collection for overall health and welfare.
  • Ensures dietary requirements of the assigned collection are met and fulfilled.
  • Discusses morbidity and mortality with veterinary and pathology staff.
  • Manages and evaluates the performance of animal supervisory staff as assigned.
  • Oversees and participates in the preparation and maintenance of a variety of collection records required for collection management.
  • Assures the meeting of legal requirements in collection management as well as domestic and international shipping of animals; develops new techniques as required to meet animal shipment regulations; may assist in the acquisition of permits.
  • Maintains a variety of contacts in order to respond to inquiries and requests and to effectively coordinate collection maintenance and management activities.
  • Assures effective organizational communication and team building, provides specialized training relative to collection husbandry.
  • Resolves problems and complaints referred by teams and staff including conflicts in priority and across the organization.
  • Executes, and under direction may implement, animal sales, loans, trades and purchases according to zoo collection master plan.
  • Assures use of appropriate animal handling, shipment, management and training methodologies for the collection, assures appropriate training of staff in techniques of animal management and transfer.
  • Participates in studbook updates and committees.
  • Participates in exhibit and facility planning, research and design.
  • Recommends exhibit design relative to management and husbandry requirements of species to be incorporated.
  • Recommends signage and graphics.
  • Maintains a variety of classification appropriate contacts in order to respond to inquiries and requests and to effectively coordinate collection husbandry and maintenance activities.
  • Prepares and makes presentations.
  • Conducts special tours as required.
  • Assures assigned animal collection operations comply with established protocols, professional standards and government regulations.
  • Adheres to the organization’s policies and practices.
  • Exemplifies the highest standard of work ethics.
  • Ensure proper training and capacity building for senior keepers and keepers is on-going.
  • Any other relevant duties assigned by the line manager.
  • Undertakes similar or related duties where appropriate.
  • Follow all ZAPIA EHS policies and procedures.

  • Animal management and husbandry skills
  • Exhibit design and maintenance desirable
  • Manage supervisory staff
  • Communicate in English effectively (verbal and written)
  • Develop short and long-range strategic and tactical plans
  • Professional management skills
  • Professional planning s

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Peter Dickinson
Independent International Zoo Consultant

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