Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Cat Keeper - Tiger Handler - Level 1

Big Cat Keeper - Tiger Handler - Level 1

Department: Big Cats

Position Description: As a Keeper, you will have primary responsibility for the care and well being of animals under your attendance. Zoo Keepers must also be understanding and sensitive to the needs of the animals under their care. They are responsible for the animal exhibit’s, involved with maintenance and landscaping and presenting at daily demonstrations. Zoo Keepers are dedicated to conservation issues and animal welfare.

Zoo keepers at Australia Zoo continually work towards providing improved facilities and care for the animals. They do this with enthusiasm and motivation towards their individual learning and training.

Duties will include:

•Maintain proper cleaning procedures.

•Maintain health and safety procedures as directed by senior keepers.

•Maintain security procedures.

•Follow instructions in a safe and secure manner.

•Learn introduction process with cats.

•Establish good relationship with cats.

•Form an understanding of cat behaviour.

•Form a brief understanding of each of the cats personalities.

•Form brief understanding of leash training.

•Form a brief understanding of back-up duties on walks.

•Form good communication skills with public and media.

•Prepare diets, and gain knowledge on cat nutrition.

•Have a good understanding of exhibit or requirements for felids.

•Perform all hands on contact with big cats under direct supervision.

•Work within the guidelines of health and safety procedures to ensure both animal and personal, and visitor security.

•Participate in performance training and development reviews or programs as requested by the company both on and off the job.

•Attend meetings as requested by Management and Supervisors.

•Other duties as requested by Senior Management

Weekend availability and own transport essential.

Apply for this job below. Applications close 19th of April 2010

Here is a checklist of information you will need to have ready before you start to complete the employment application form:

•Education history

•Employment history


•Any qualifications you may have eg First Aid

•Any achievements you may like to tell us about

•your availability (what hours can you work)

•A resume in .pdf or .doc format

•Any other info that may support your application

Please allow 20 minutes to complete the application.

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