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Blue Macaw Captive Coordinator

Application Information for the Position of Blue Macaw Captive Coordinator 23.03.2010


General Information:

Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation is Sheikh Saoud Al Thani’s private breeding centre for threatened animals and is not open to the public. Since January 2000, he introduced a completely new management team. Now, it’s keeping approximately 2000 animals (about 100 amphibians/reptiles; 500 birds; 1,400 mammals) of 90 different species. An international team of veterinarians, curators, biologists and keepers (around 42 staff) runs the preservation.

Job Description for the position as a Blue Macaw Co-ordinator:

 Daily “hands-on” management of all the Spix’s, Lear’s and Hyacinth Macaws including feeding/food preparation and hygiene management. Daily observation of behaviour and health status, written documentation and reporting to the director.

 Enclosure maintenance, monitor; construction-work, surveillance cameras, prepare cages and nest boxes routinely.

 Egg management, monitor artificial incubation and hand-rearing of Blue Macaw chicks.

 Contribute to guidelines, protocols and proposals for procedures, schedules and action plans.

 Organize the daily routines and personnel on the section including work and feeding schedules.

 Seasonally flexible working hours (feeding chicks around the clock if necessary).

 Collect data on the birds, and fill in data to computer programs.

Applicants for the position must fulfil the following requirements:

- Have a high interest in nature and wildlife especially birds

- Significant experience with keeping and rearing parrots, especially Macaws.

- Experience in hand-rearing of Macaws

- Basic computer skill, Word and Excel

- Oral and written English skills

- Ability to work with a highly motivated team, as well as to work independently

- Patient and sensitive to the animal’s needs

- Flexibility and good organizational skills

- Driving licence

To ascertain the suitability of your qualification and background, please answer the following questions, it’s not necessary to provide a positive answer always:

1. Describe your previous work experience. What benefits or skills have you gained or problems you have had?, also in non bird related jobs.

2. Describe your experiences with parrots, including how long and which species you’ve worked with.

3. Have you ever worked with brooders or incubators? When would you remove eggs for incubation?

4. How do you describe your relation to nature and wildlife? Is it OK to keep animals in captivity? Why?

5. Are you experienced in handling sick birds? How do you determine if a bird is sick?

6. What characteristics do you have which should convince us to hire you?

7. Are you experienced in computer programs? If yes, in which programs?

8. Do you have experience in office works, especially record keeping?

9. What are your professional targets and what do you expect from working in Qatar?

10. How much salary would you expect? How much salary you get from your previous job?

Working conditions:

Accommodation is free at the preservation, television also electricity and water. Twenty eight days holiday per year, with no additional options for regular leave abroad. One paid flight-ticket to “home-airport” each year. Working hours are flexible depending on the season. We will offer a two year contract with an initial probationary period. Salary and Contract will be discussed after more application details are known.

Please submit your CV and your answers to the above questions. This position need to be filled with a skilled person due to the importance of breeding success.

Best Regards.

Ryan Watson
Blue Macaw Coordinator
P.O. Box 44069, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, Doha, State of Qatar

Tel: +974 4718708 Fax: +974 4718707



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